Dexter “Dress Code” Review! Major Spoilers follow!



So far I’ve found Dexter Season Eight(with the exception of the first two episodes) boring and poorly written(for the most part).  This came as a shock to me after how amazing Season Seven was(which is personally my favorite season).  It finally seemed like the Dexter writers were stepping up their game.

Then this season came along and kind messed it all up.  A lot of the ideas presented are great, but the execution has been unimpressive.  Doctor Vogel for example, the first two episodes that featured her were spectacular.  She was mysterious and intense.  Now she’s basically wallpaper, serving no real purpose besides filling up the actress’s contract for how many episodes she’s supposed to be in. 

A lot of the new characters this season have been pretty boring to be completely honest.  Masuka’s daughter is far too cliché and bizarre for my tastes, Cassie is(was) underdeveloped and I knew from the beginning that she’d be nothing but cannon fodder, and Zach is so-so.  So I was rather excited for the return of Hannah(Yvonne Strahovski) who alongside Isaak stole the show last season(well maybe not stole..). 

Hannah’s changed quite a bit since last season, entering a borderline abusive relationship with Miles.  I found this to be out of character and poorly executed.  Hannah takes shit from no one, she’s not Rita.  However the idea crossed my mind while watching this that she could be playing Dexter.  Goading him into a confrontation with Miles, only for Dexter be arrested.

Well I was wrong.  Hannah had a different plan in mind, a completely ridiculous and poorly though out plan which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  Her plan was to get Dexter to kill Miles, because if she did it his family would suspect it was her.  Whereas if Dexter did it…no his family would still think it was her.  *Sigh*

Despite that, I do like Hannah in this episode.  Her interaction with Dexter is great, and despite the poor planning and taking shit from Miles, she’s pretty much the same old Hannah we know and love(y’know despite the whole taking shit from Miles and poor planning).  I also like that she’s not out for revenge and we’ll actually get more of her and Dex.  

Speaking of Dexter and romantic relationships, Dassie shippers(if there even are any) sorry but that’s now out of the question as Cassie is now dead.  While Cassie seemed nice and all, I feel like she should have been introduced earlier(say one episode last season or Season Eight episode one instead of episode four) and better developed.  Part of me is thinking Zach may not be the killer(her boyfriend maybe?), but the Dexter writers haven’t really been going for any sudden plot twists this season.

My bet for the Dexter spin-off is… *drumroll*

BATISTA:  He’s a Good Detective(despite all of the contrary evidence)!

Even though he’s probably the worst detective in say.. the whole entire world, good old Angel has one of my favorite storylines this season(I know that’s really sad).  Quinn is actually somewhat awesome this season, although Jaime is kind of obnoxious(“Geez, why’d you have to pick the better choice for sergeant and not Quinn?!?!?” and her, the woman who dated Louis motherfracking Greene, giving love advice like really?).

Now to Masuka with awkward interactions with his weird daughter.  While I initially liked Masuka Jr.(which is what I’ll call her because I honestly don’t even know her name), the character really kind of creeps me out now.  In “Dress Code” to further bond with Masuka Sr., Masuka Jr. decides she should take her dad to her place of employment.  Doesn’t sound all that weird right?  Well when her place of employment is a topless sports bar, it’s pretty messed up.

Like really Masuka Jr.?!?!?  Why the hell would you do that?  Oh yeah.. the Dexter writers have forgotten about logic this season(see Hannah’s plan above).  I’ve got to say I really wish we could see more of Angie Miller, maybe even her and Masuka Sr.  getting together rather than this stupid storyline. 

The Zach character is…eh.  I don’t hate him, but I certainly don’t care too much for him.  Another case of should’ve been introduced a little bit earlier instead of the filler Brain Surgeon storyline.  We are now led to believe he killed Cassie because he couldn’t go two days without killing anyone(which as I mentioned I don’t completely buy).  However if this is what happened, I’m happy it happened so soon instead of just dragging the storyline out. 

Overall, this is a solid episode, better than some of the other ones for sure.  Still not sold on the season, but it’s finally feeling like it’s coming to an end.



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