The Walking Dead No. 113 Review/Spoilers

             You and me…we’re the survivors…we don’t die.

The war isn’t coming.  It’s already here.  This issue is so thrilling, so many characters lives hang in the balance as Rick and Negan duke it out.  This issue is one of the best in a while, and here’s why…

The issue had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.  Watching as Andrea fought for her life against the Savior was hard to do.  The whole time I feared that she’d be killed like her inferior television counterpart before her, but thank god that’s not the case.  That last panel, those last words…uhhhh so good. 

Negan’s battle with Rick is equally terrifying.  Negan is one sick bastard, but I couldn’t help but laugh at his line about what he does with Lucille when no ones around.  Nasty.  Also when he’s deciding who to kill first, I found it funny once again he backed out of a decision because it’d be racist(Like with Glenn in #100, who ended up getting killed by him regardless). 

I honestly don’t get why everyone seems to hate Carl.  I thought it was awesome how he shot Lucille(the bat) like that.  Really hoping he makes it out of this alive.  

The art is fantastic, I don’t know how anyone can say Charlie Adlard’s art is bad.  The look on Rick’s face when he see’s the body fly out of the bell tower.  It’s so well done.  Andrea’s face when she’s fighting the Savior, so bloody.  The penultimate page is great as well.

The only downside to this issue is not enough Ninja Jesus, though I’m sure next issue will fix that.  Overall, really awesome work here. 




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