Upcoming Stuff!

It’s been two days since my last post, so I just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been working on.  I wrote and finished a blog reviewing the latest episode of Dexter, but due to some technical malfunctions that will be delayed for a little bit.  Fear not though, I shall be posting a Dexter related article which is the beginning of a series:  Devil’s Advocate, where I talk about generally disliked characters, and talk about why I like them.  This isn’t limited to Dexter though, there’ll be some for The Walking Dead(comic and show, though sorry even I don’t like television show Andrea) and other shows. 

I’m also going to do another “The Road So Far”(which is indeed a reference to Supernatural) where I review Smallville Season Eleven from “Guardian” to “Haunted”(which will include “Effigy”).  While I have read “Argo” and” Valkyre” I’m going to review those two at a later date, also “Haunted” kind of serves as a mid-season finale of sorts.  Amazing comic, I strongly suggest you pick it up. 

There will likely be some speculation posts(one of which is certain to regard Supernatural, and my upcoming Dexter review has a lot of speculation at the end).  Don’t expect any Pretty Little Liars reviews, though I may give Ravenswood’s pilot a shot.  We’ll see.

Comic wise I’ll be doing some reviews.  Maybe doing a “What you should be reading” post.  Stay tuned folks.  Lots is coming in the not so distant future.


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