Dexter “Are We There Yet? Review featuring Spoilers


Goodness that ending.  I can’t say I didn’t see it coming, because I kind of did.  This late in the game though, a bit strange.  No more vagueness.  Spoilers start here!

Cassie’s dead apparently at the hands of Zach, Dexter’s newest protégé.  According to Doc’ Vogel it’s 100% Dexter’s fault, you can’t expect Zach to go two days without killing.  Really Vogel, because last I recall Dexter wanted Zach dead and you convinced him not to do it.

Either way it’s irrelevant because as I suspected:  ZACH, YOU ARE NOT THE KILLER!!!  Dexter takes Hannah to the Keys for a little smooth jazz, fast food, sweet talking, with a little bit of attempted murder thrown in for good measure.  Yvonne Stahovski and MCH make the best of some pretty lame dialogue.  I liked how squeamish Hannah got when they saw the cops. I liked them poking fun at Dexter’s voiceovers.

Deb is the standout part of this episode.  Jennifer Carpenter just owns each and every scene she’s in.  Her calling Dexter, and subsequent reaction to him lying about being with Hannah was priceless.  Despite the fact that she’s gone from drug addicted party Deb, to suicidal Deb, and now back to Season Seven Deb all in one season she remains the best thing show has going for it. 

Sorry Hannah, you’ve lost your edge.  Yvonne hasn’t been given any great material to work with this season which sucks.  I was watching “The Dark…Whatever” the other night(which guest stars the always stellar Jim Beaver of “Supernatural) and there’s a huge difference in how the then Dexter/Hannah relationship felt and how it feels now.  Then it was this natural love, you could tell they loved each other.  Now it feels like it’s happening because the plot demands it, so they can *POSSIBLE FUTURE SPOILERS* kill off Hannah at the hands of the Brain Surgeon by the end of the season.

The Deb and Hannah conversation was absolutely terrible.  This was a scene I was waiting for, after their excellent(which feels almost like an understatement) scene in last seasons finale I was excited to see what would happen.  Hannah’s reasons for why Deb shouldn’t turn her in were pretty lame(“I don’t like killing, and I love Dexter”), and the fact that this two minute conversation made Deb change her mind, after there were dozens of other scenes with better justification that could of, just pissed me off.  Deb has been dead set on taking down Hannah since she poisoned Sal Pryce last season, and this is what changes her mind. 

By the end of the episode Deb makes a major decision, or insinuates one that is confirmed by the “NEXT WEEK ON DEXTER”:  She’s returning to Miami Metro.  I got to say I’m happy about this, while I initially liked Elway he’s turned into a total jerk(another instance of inconsistent characterization).  Still it appears Elway’s still going to be involved in the next few episodes which sucks.

Now onto Dexter’s ersatz family of killers.  Zach’s got a new characterization now(God, they should just connect the show to “Dollhouse” as to explain the constant personality shifts).  He’s now all “Golly gee Dex, can’t believe I made such a silly mistake”.  I must say I like the Jimmy Olsen/Robin like Zach the best out of all of his characterizations as silly as it is.  Figures they make him likable, only to kill him off. 

Mama Vogel is much more involved this week, and somewhat likable(with the exception of the aforementioned scene at the beginning of the episode).  Too bad I don’t see her living past the next few episodes.  Their dinner table conversation is as cheesy as some of the earlier Dexter, Hannah, and Zach scenes but it’s a nice scene regardless.  Has a calm before the storm feeling to it.

The ending which I kind of already spoiled a bit.  Dexter returns to his apartment where he hears “Make Your Own Kind of Music” playing(which has been played twice so far this season) and see’s Zach’s lifeless(and brainless) body.  The moment I heard that song I knew it, something bad was gonna happen.

The Brain Surgeon’s back* and he killed Cassie(oh hey didn’t I say that on my last review, oh yes I did.)  Well in a way, I said I didn’t think Zach killed Cassie and her boyfriend did, and my current theory is Oliver is the Brain Surgeon and Vogel’s son.  Like Brian(the Ice Truck Killer) before him, he dated a girl only to keep an eye on Dexter, his identity was withheld from the viewers, and was one of the main character’s previously unknown relatives.  We already know she had a husband, perhaps she had a son. 

A son who despite being the so called “psychopath whisperer” she never knew was crazy.  Or perhaps she did, and his condition is what drove her become what she is.  Her profile for the killer fits too:  30’s, single(at the time) and male.  It all makes sense, unlike Yates who made no sense whatsoever(one could say it was…B.S hahaha).  He also told Quinn he didn’t recognize Zach, when he had sawn him just the other night talking to Dexter.  

Not much else happens.  For the last fifteen to twenty minutes alone the episode was pretty good.  Most of the episode is pretty boring, and at times laughable.  Either way I’ll keep watching.   





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  1. Hey, I like your reviews, keep it up!
    I also recently started a blog of my own (I hope you check it out!), and our interests in TV shows seem to overlap a bit. Let me know if you ever want to collaborate!

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