Dexter “Make Your Own Kind Of Music” Review/SPOILERS


If I knew how there would be a gif of Raven having a vision from That’s So Raven.  I called it, I called it, I called it!  Saxon *ahem* David Vogel is the Brain Surgeon!  I’m not going to repost my theory from “Are We There Yet”‘s review, you can just scroll down a bit and look at that.  I literally called pretty much every single detail of who Saxon is and why he’s the Brain Surgeon. 

“Make Your Own Kind of Music” is in my opinion by far the best episode THIS SEASON SINCE EPISODE TWO.  The dialogue is a million times better than all of the other episodes this season, there are some silly moments but it wouldn’t be season 8 if there wasn’t,  but it also had some great moments too. 

To start: ARLENE LIVES!  Arlene being Hannah’s old best bud from last season makes a return this week, and I couldn’t be happier.  I liked her last season, and it was nice to see the Dexter writers reference an old storyline.  One thing I didn’t get was why did Hannah even have to go, couldn’t Dexter have just gone and picked up the money.

I feel for Vogel in this episode, but she also looks like a total idiot as well.  We learn her psychopath son used to love Make Your Own Kind Of Music(which was heard playing when the BS forced that guy to kill that one guy) and leave her brains in boxes as a sign of endearment(Awwww how sweet).  He was believed to have perished in a fire, but good old Doc’ Vogel never saw the body.  Vogel don’t you know if you don’t see the body that means they’re still alive?

In all seriousness though Doctor V., this all would have been at the very least nice to know when this all started.  Perhaps David had a friend or someone who knew him, blaming Vogel for Daniel’s death.  She should have told Dexter about this a long time ago, I get why she wouldn’t want to believe and possibly be disappointed that her son may be alive but it would have been helpful in the investigation.

Side story talk!  I must ask, what was the point of introducing Masuka’s daughter?  She’s added absolutely nothing to the show, and appears like once an episode having a brief humorous exchange with another character.  It’s weird to see Batista and Deb talk knowing that Deb killed his ex-wife, but their little scene together was really sweet.  Batista’s like the glue that holds Miami Metro together, and I hope he’s the focus of the spin-off if there is one(though I’d also like to see him return to Fox’s “The Following” perhaps in a main or recurring role).   

Speaking of Deb, there’s a lot of Deb and Quinn in this episode.  I got to say while I was never a huge fan of the romance that’s one thing the writers have sold me on this season.  Quinn, and his relationship with Deb is finally something I can root for, whereas before I couldn’t stand Joey and his relationship with Deb.  Still Quinn kissing Deb after interrogating Saxon came out of the blue.

Dexter’s hunt for Saxon was kind of ridiculous, he was standing up staring at Saxon in a neon green shirt.  “He’s good at this”, he wouldn’t have to be to see Dexter staring at him through a glass window.  I kind of feel like the writers are  trying to make Saxon into a Trinity/Ice Truck Killer mix, and I don’t know how I feel about it. 

Hannah and Dexter’s relationship continues to take center stage, as a Marshall who was alerted by Elway zeroes in on Hannah.  Hannah is forced to move in with Debra which leads to one of the best scenes this season, as Deb and Hannah eat dinner.  It’s a quick scene but it’s a fun one.  Deb’s reaction to Hannah making dinner was hilarious, and I liked how the two opened up to each other. 

That scene where the Marshall walks in and asks Harrison who the blonde woman in the picture is was intense.  I too wonder who it was:  Hannah or Rita?  Harrison wants Hannah to be his “mommy”, which only increases my fear that poor Hannah will bite the dust before the credits role. 

I liked Vogel wanting to save Saxon from Dexter, and that final scene was very creepy.  I don’t see this ending well for Vogel though, I really don’t trust Saxon.  I can’t wait to see what happens between Saxon and Dexter in the coming episodes.

I hope yall aren’t sick of my Dexter coverage, because that “Devil’s Advocate:  LaGuerta”(yep, Laguerta will be the focus of the article) and a “Why is Season Eight of Dexter Failing to Impress” article coming this week.  Overall, good episode and Hannah was slightly better written this week.





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