Dexter Spin-Off: How about Doakes?

So recently Showtime signed Dexter showrunner Scott Buck to a two year contract, and Showtime execs hinted(or pretty much flat out stated) that it may be for a Dexter spin-off.  Lots of guesses have been made(Zach, Deb, I guessed Batista, Elway, & Miami Metro), some have already been shot down(Zach).  Some people have even guessed that it could be a Trinity Killer show, but what about Doakes?

When it comes to Dexter characters everyone wants to come back Doakes is probably number one on everyone’s list.  James Doakes was and always will be Miami Metro’s best detective and certainly the coolest.  People I know who don’t even watch “Dexter” know who Doakes is. 

“Oh but 1ronhawk Doakes is dead, and don’t say Cyber-Doakes!”  Indeed he is, but the spin-off I’m suggesting would focus on Doakes during his special ops days, maybe even show the beginning of his relationship with LaGuerta.  Doakes past has only been mentioned a few times, but when it was mentioned I always wanted more. 

I’d like to see the writers flesh out Doakes, his family, his wife, LaGuerta, and his time in special ops.  After the Season Seven finale I have no doubt Erik King could still play Doakes in flashbacks convincingly, as he hasn’t aged much.  It would be familiar enough but also completely different from Dexter. 

Tell me what you think in the comments.  Would a Doakes spin-off work?  Who would you rather have in the spin-off?  My top picks right now are Doakes, Batista, Miami Metro, and Lundy flashback spin-off. 


4 thoughts on “Dexter Spin-Off: How about Doakes?”

  1. I would love to see Doakes come back! He was the best character to come along in 8 seasons of the show and I hope we will get to see him again in the future.

    1. Indeed. Doakes is easily the most quotable character in the series, and I think he has an interesting backstory that could be interesting to explore. I also liked what little we saw of his mom and sisters in Season One, and the mystery regarding his time in Black Ops.

  2. That is honestly the only DEXTER spinoff worth making/watching. Because another cop show will be just boring (too many meh crime scene dramas out there) and if they concentrate on harrison it might just be a copy paste of dexter with inferior acting. Doakes was the best character and his ominous background owns. Doakes was badass, likebale and he followed the code without even knowing it!

    1. Agreed. Also Harrison has shown no signs of being a psychopath and just because his father was one doesn’t mean he has to be. As much as I don’t think it’ll happen, a Doakes spin-off is definitely the one with the most potential. There are so many different cop dramas going on right now, and considering the popularity Doakes has it seems silly Showtime wouldn’t at the very least consider it. Also Erik King certainly isn’t to busy(surprisingly, after Dexter I expected him to get a lot of acting gigs) and like I said could totally still pull of the role.

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