“Superman/Wonder Woman” Is a Book For the Ladies!


When I think of groundbreaking feminists the first people I always think of:  DC Comics.  This past weekend at Canada’s Fan Expo when asked about upcoming series Superman/Wonder Woman, the series artist Tony Daniel said it appealed to the mythical female audience and “hits on the Twilight audience.”.  Of course so called “feminists” have struck back because apparently females only want good stories!

Pssshhh…  Women don’t know what they want, men do(just ask Robin Thicke).  It’s a proven fact that ALL women absolutely love Twilight, and any who say they don’t are liars!  You’ll see when Superman/Wonder Woman #1 comes out and the females all come pouring in at the promise of a Twilight like super-hero book.


Just in case you missed the two sarcasm warnings and were severely offended, I’d like to let you know that was just me being sarcastic.  I actually found it quite sad(yet also hilarious) that DC’s way of bringing in ladies is to make it like “Twilight”.  Especially considering companies like Marvel, Dark Horse, and Image are able to do the same thing without making it “sparkle”. 

Look at the all female X-Men team for example.  The book is getting a lot of success with both the male and female demographic because it’s a well written story with strong female leads, great character interaction, and to say the least beautiful art.  While the book is filled with great character interaction, none of it is romantic.  Yet still it’s one of the many big successes Marvel’s had this year. 

Marvel had previously tried to cash in on the major success of the “Sex & the City” franchise with Marvel Divas to little success.  I feel that if the goal of this book is angst filled forbidden romance it too will get cancelled soon enough.  The reason I feel so strongly about this as a guy is that quite frequently I hear non-comic reading people call comics sexist which is a fairly unfair claim.  Companies like the aforementioned Marvel, Image, and Dark Horse are making real strides in creating strong female characters and pulling in all sorts of female readers.  DC on the other hand is furthering the stigma with their many decisions.



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