Upcoming Stuff for This Week For August 26-September 2nd 2013

Third and final blog post of the day.  I haven’t fully accomplished everything I posted on last weeks Upcoming Stuff, but I certainly think I’ve made up for it with all the recent blogs.  So here’s the tentative schedule this week for my posts

Wednesday(No Dexter posts!  Hoooray!)

What Comics You Should Be Reading

Supernatural Season Nine:  Hopes, Fears, Spoilers, Speculation


Devil’s Advocate:  Maria LaGuerta(Dexter)

Devil’s Advocate:  Carl Grimes(Walking Dead)


Nothing planned for Friday.  Might be a no blog day.

Saturday(Will probably be my comedy review day)

Mindy Project Season One Review

“Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me(And Other Concerns)” by Mindy Kaling Review


Following Season 1 Review/SPOILERS

Dexter Season Eight “Goodbye Miami” Review/Spoilers


The Road So Far: Smallville Season Eleven Review/Spoilers

Netflix Reviews: Archer, Parks & Rec’, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, & More

A little info on Netflix reviews.  I’m catching up on a lot of shows right now, and would really like to review those.  However I know not everyone may be interested in that so I’ll combine them into a big combination of reviews.  This feature will probably only be posted once a month and likely focus on different shows each month. 

A special thanks to my first follower and fellow television review blogger polarbears16 and also to blogger Jack Flacco for liking my two Walking Dead related post.  I’ll also use this weekly Upcoming stuff post to thank new followers and people who like my posts. 

*Also make sure to check out my Dexter spin-off theory blog about Doakes.


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