The Crazy Ones Series Premiere Review


Drive-through lovin’, drive, drive-through lovin’

I was cautiously optimistic for the Crazy Ones, the cast is great but the trailer just look so-so.  So when I watched the pilot I was pleasantly sort of surprised with how enjoyable it was.  I’m a huge SMG fan from Buffy to YUP even Ringer(I voted like three times a day on E’s “Save One Show” poll, I really loved that show it was 100% soapy fun, the cast was great and Gemma was hilarious(R.I.P.))

First off thank god this isn’t multi-camera, I really hate multi-camera television.  The cast is pretty great though James Wolk in particular really stands out in this episode.  Kelly Clarkson is surprisingly pretty great in this, she plays a fictionalized version of herself and it works.  Usually those actors as themselves special guest spots feel forced and just like “OH HEY LOOK WHO WE HAVE HERE, YOU KNOW KELLY CLARKSON RIGHT?!?  RIGHT?” but here it didn’t feel that way and she’s actually pretty talented in this episode and I wouldn’t mind seeing her as a recurring character.

As I previously mentioned James Wolk is absolutely brilliant in this and the dynamic between he and Robin Williams is fantastic.  Sarah Michelle Gellar does some good work here as the straight man to her father’s zany over the top personality.  I’d like to see the character loosen up in the future.  Most of the cast only appears in quick little scenes but I’m a huge fan of both Hamish Linklater and Amanda Setton so I’m sure they’ll deliver some great work.

Some specific things I really liked were


-Drive Through Lovin’

-Kelly Clarkson


-Robin Williams!

-The scenes between James Wolk, Robin Williams, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Overall solid pilot, I’m most definitely going to keep watching.  It’s not perfect and there’s room for improvement but I really enjoyed the episode.

GRADE: B to B+


Parks and Rec’ Season 6 Premiere Review: Dear Ron,


I love this show.  To open up the sixth season Leslie and the gang head to London, Veronica Mars and Barry Zuckercorn guest star, and well Ron Swanson happens too!  Did I enjoy the premiere well if we look at the context clues such as “I love this show” as well as “Veronica Mars and Barry Zuckercorn guest star,” and “Ron Swanson” might indicate that I did.


So because I loved it I’ll just start with the cons.  Rashida Jones is awesome but Anne is just y’know Annish(“Annish(adj.)  Annish refers to a character who is somewhat unremarkable as a character, yet still likable.  Main examples include  the intentionally dull Anne Veal(Arrested Development) and Anne from Parks and Recreations.”-The Toast and Television Fake Dictionary 2013 Edition).  I love Anne but when she’s not with Leslie or hating Tom she’s just kind of okay.  Doesn’t mean I won’t miss her when she leaves but I wish the writers could give her a more interesting storyline.  The only other con is that I still don’t like Andy and April together that much(or more specifically Andy).

Otherwise I loved this episode and I loved all the guest stars.  Henry Winkler(Anne has the worst f***ing doctor) as Jean-Ralphio’s dad is just brilliant casting, as is Kristen Bell as the Earth-3 counterpart of Leslie is self explanatory.  Although I’m a bit sad that her one guest appearance was basically a two minute cameo(Kristen Bell can only guest star in one episode of a show due to her Showtime contract for “House of Lies”, and I’d rather it have been a bigger role in the Eagleton episode).

The scene with Ron walking as the sheep follow him was some great imagery and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Leslie’s gift to Ron was awesome, and I’d love to see more of Ron in Scotland.  Also the whole “my middle name is Tammy” joke was great.  Overall, this was a great season opener this show just always lifts my mood.


Agents of SHIELD 1.01 “Pilot” Review Welcome to Level 7

It’s finally here.  Arguably one of the most anticipated pilots of the fall season is here, does it impress, does it disappoint, let’s find out! 

I’m a huge Joss Wheadon fan(I even liked Dollhouse) but prior to seeing the first episode I was a bit hesitant to get really excited for it.  Why?  I’m not totally sure but I just had a feeling it may disappoint me, and well…I was kind of right.

That’s not to say that this episode is bad whatsoever, but I just didn’t get that “WOW!  Great pilot, you won me over Joss” feeling.  I just turned on Mindy Project and thought “well that was okay, I’ll keep watching.

The episode just felt…familiar.  It felt almost like Joss was going through the motions(Buffy reference).  The characters were just ideas like cute quirky hacker girl, badass comes out of retirement, the nice guy, the guy who despite what he thinks can’t control his newfound abilities, and so on. 

The actors do a great job, and RON GLASS!  Cobie Smulders(I think that’s how it’s spelled?) is great and I enjoyed seeing J. August Richards(GUNN!) back on television and enjoyed his performance.

Overall, underwhelmed would best describe how I felt about this episode.  It was a solid episode but if this wasn’t based on SHIELD and wasn’t in the MCU and didn’t have Joss Wheadon attached to it this probably would have been a “I’ll watch it when nothing else is on” show.

Not going to give this a number grade but rather just a A-F grade.

GRADE:  B to B-

Dexter “Remember the Monsters” Review MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS


  Don’t you remember the monsters?


Dexter had fifty six minutes to make up for a somewhat lackluster final season, did it accomplish that goal?  I’m sure others might have something different to say, but for me personally I think it did.  While I have some complaints regarding the finale I for the most part really enjoyed it.  I cheered, I screamed at the screen, I laughed, and you know what I was on the verge of tears at one point.  So let’s get discussing.

 There is one major problem I had with this episode and that is no Masuka’s daughter…no actually it was Saxon.  I feel like for the last few episodes we were building up to this epic confrontation between Dexter and Saxon only for Dexter to kill him with a pen.  It was really anticlimactic but it was still a nice “final” kill. 

We get some flashbacks which take place between Seasons 3 and 4, and I loved them.  I wish we could have seen Rita though, I was a bit disappointed by that but still.  Deb talking about how Dexter protected her from “the monsters” was a heartfelt scene and Jennifer Carpenter really sold it.  I really can’t wait to see where her career goes from here.

Hannah is actually pretty darn awesome in this episode.  I loved the scene on the bus where she drugs Elway as well as her final scene in Argentina at the café with Harrison where she finds out Dexter’s “dead”.  The silent look of sadness on Yvonne’s face was amazing and her subsequent telling of Harrison that they’ll go get ice cream was so great.  Momma Hannah was great and I’d actually like to see what life’s like for Hannah and Harrison in Buenos Aires. 

The supporting cast(save Hannah, Harrison, and a real little bit of Quinn) is mostly just seen in the background in the finale, just saying some lines like “Deb’s gonna make it, I know she will” or “Dexter needs to know!”.  We get a little of Batista and good god is David Zayas a great actor.  When asking Dexter about his killing of Saxon you can tell how shaken Angel is, and while it’s never stated I think Angel was beginning to think ‘maybe LaGuerta was right’ when he was talking to Dexter.

Dexter’s final fate isn’t exactly the happiest, working in a logging yard or something away from all of his friends and loved ones under a new identity.  However I liked it a hell of a lot better than the Dexter goes to prison or gets killed scenario.  It’s not because those are bad ideas, but because I feel like Dexter’s made it this far for him to die or go to jail just didn’t make sense especially considering how the season had been going so far. 

The scenes between Deb and Dexter were just beautiful, and like I said earlier I was ready to cry a few times.  Dexter’s realization that anyone he comes into contact with suffers for it was tragic but necessary.  Although I was bit saddened by Dexter’s decision to let Debra die, it wasn’t exactly as if Debra would have had much of a life being fed through a tube(then again I think he should’ve waited for a more conclusive diagnosis till he pulled the plug and gave her a Vikings funeral). 

I had long suspected that Saxon was the anti-Isaak, and it turns out I was right.  Isaak taught Dexter that he could love and care for people, and Saxon tore that idea apart.  Saxon was the final lesson, Dexter learned that despite his yearning for a more normal life he could never have it because whatever he created, loved, or wished for would inevitably fall apart.

So where do we go from here?  Well I’m now certain that Showtime’s revving up for a spin-off of sorts(the idea was recently brought up once again by one of the Showtime execs and they pretty much stated a Dexter spin-off was pretty much inevitable and that they were definitely working on something to carry on the legacy of Dexter).  What could that be?  I’m not sure exactly, but I know that I’ll watch.  Despite this seasons uneven nature with some good episodes and some terrible ones, we still have Seasons 1, 2(Oh god Season Two was Dexter at it’s absolute best although Season Seven is up there too), 4, and 7, which were some of the best television I’ve ever watched.  The writers have all proven in the past to be talented and I hope they’ll bring that same style of writing used in Seasons 1-4 and Season 7 in whatever this project may be.  Despite Dexter and Deb’s sad fates the episode was actually as happy as an ending Dexter could’ve gotten.  As much as I will hate knowing Deb is no more, I really liked this finale and all of the characters spin-offs.  There’ll be a some Dexter related posts coming soon, but I’ll also be able to review and write about some other shows.

Dexter “Monkey In A Box” Review/Spoilers


After a god awful episode last week I feared for the worst this week.  Luckily it was actually a pretty solid episode, that doesn’t mean there weren’t points where I questioned Dexter and the rest of the character’s intelligence but better than last week.  Something I rather liked about this episode were the sort of kind of subtle callbacks to earlier seasons. 

This episode features the return of Season Three’s Sylvia Prado(Played by Valerie Cruz, who alongside fellow Dexter alums Sam Underwood and Keith Carradine is set to recur on this coming season of Fox’s serial killer versus FBI drama “The Following”) and a callback to Dexter’s catching of the Ice Truck Killer with a twist.  I liked seeing Sylvia again, because so many of Rita’s friends have come and gone never to be mentioned again, also it was strange hearing the two talk about Miguel(who met his end at the hands of Dexter).  Plus the sort of reenactment of the awesome Ice Truck Killer catch was cool and seeing Deb be a part of it was nice. 

The episode has a reunion-y feel to it with the mentions of Astor and Cody, the return of Sylvia, one last steak and beer with Deb, and Dexter helping his sister gain praise among Miami Metro with evidence or in this case the actual killer one last time or at least attempting to.

This episode has two major, major events that occur so I’ll warn you again SPOILERS Harrison combs his hair and Masuka’s daughter drinks Diet Pepsi(With each new reveal I grow saddened that the writers didn’t spend more time with this wonderful character that is Masuka Jr). Besides those two game changing reveals the episode has Dexter finally catch the Brain Surgeon in the style of the season one catch of Brian. It was awesome and I couldn’t wait to see Dexter finish that creepy ass mother*cker once and for all(I recently took a Dexter Personality Quiz where the questions were actually pretty hard to guess which character you get and got Sgt. James Doakes so there).

However because it seems Dexter has learned nothing whatsoever over the course of the show, he doesn’t(This has worked out so well before with Trinity and when he thought Zach killed Cassie and well…you get the picture). He’s going to let Deb arrest him and get the fame(Awwwww) but that doesn’t exactly goes as planned because that genius Marshall clearly doesn’t watch the news and lets creepy eyed Ryan Gosling free and subsequently is killed himself and poor Deb is shot before the police can reach the asylum. She’s still alive but I fear for her survival.

The Deb and Dexter scenes were nicely done and remind me of Dexter’s last supper with Deb in Season Two which caused him decide he needed this life. Deb is great here as always(I’m hoping we see Jennifer Carpenter pop up on our tv screens soon, maybe on Community or Parks and Rec’ she says she wants to do a comedy). Dexter’s goodbye speech was pretty darn awkward and bad but it felt very Dexter like. Mathews does some stuff and

Arrow Season 2 Scoop: Flash is Cast and I’m Disappointed.

I liked Hellcats okay….  Okay I loved Hellcats, and not just for the hot ladies in cheerleader outfits(although it helped), it was a good show with a great cast.  What does that have to do with the Flash being cast on Arrow?  Because Bleeding Cool got me excited just to disappoint me with the promise of Matt Barr from Hellcats being the Flash. 

Grant Austin is the Flash.  He’s was on Glee(which I never really watched though I saw a few episodes of Season Two) and on the god awful shitfest of awfulness and terribleness that was the final season of 90210(Yes I watched 90210 for all five seasons for some reason, though the last two or three seasons I was just hate-watching like I do America’s Got Talent).  If I recall correctly I remember him being very annoying and overly douche-y on 90210 and not liking him(although that was kind of the role but I don’t recall the acting being very good though it was Season Five of 90210 so anyone could guest star and due to the terrible scripts it would still seem terrible). 

I don’t know how I feel about this, I mean I kind of do(MATT BARR FOR FLASH!  MATT BARR FOR FLASH!) but I’m hoping this Grant Austin guy does a good job.  I mean I can’t say I’m too surprised they didn’t pick Matt Barr because these are the same people that picked Stephen Amell because he sent in a video of himself exercising with his shirt off(literally.  True story look it up).  Though then again they also casted some pretty good people too(No offense to Stephen Amell, but his acting while at times good(flashbacks for example have been were his acting tends to be pretty good) has tended to be pretty sucky at times). 

Anyway hopefully this whole Flash storyline turns out alright and Grant Austin does a good job.

Forever Evil #1 Review A Whole New World


I must say I’ve always loved the Crime Syndicate.  One of my first comics a trade featuring the “Syndicate Rules” storyline featured them and ever since I’ve loved seeing this rather seedy and villainous Justice League.  Now they’re back and I’m excited to see what’s next for them. 

A complaint I frequently have with Crime Syndicate is the lack of new members, and luckily we finally have some in the form of the revamped Deathstorm(first seen a few years ago in the “Brightest Day” storyline who is a much different character nowadays), Atomica, the Outsider, and my personal favorite of the bunch the Grid(“Have a nice day”).  Not only that even if only in passing mention we’re learning more about the villains of Earth-3.  In Trinity War we learned the team had fallen allies and counterparts to the JLA and JLD, and now it seems we may learn more about the villainous sidekick to Owlman known as the Talon.  For a long time I’ve waited for someone to explore the concept of Earth-3 further and I’m glad someone finally is.

This issue is solid enough, not exactly a life changing issue but in the case of the DC universe maybe a world changing one.  The villains are in control(Dark Reign?) and Nightwing’s identity is revealed(Civil War?) and we get a mention of a now living Ted Kord(Hoooray!).  Some of the villains have some very ehhh dialogue, like the “Dude they aint the Justice League line”.  I’m pumped to see more of the CSA and learn more about them.  Who is Deathstorm exactly?  I mean it’s been somewhat implied in this issue, Trinity War, and in the preview for issue two he may be in a relationship with Power Ring but besides that who is he?  Does the Ultraman hates Owlman because he’s banging Superwoman and she hates Ultraman and loves Owlman storyline still intact.  I mean it’d have a bit more relevance now with the current Superman/Wonder Woman relationship.  

The art is…well underwhelming.  I really like David Finch and I loved his art in the first two issues of JLA but here it looks a little sloppy.  There are some well drawn scenes and he does capture the dark feel the book needs, but some of the characters in the group scenes and a lot of the women look really ehhh.

Overall, solid read.  Not amazing but pretty good.  Excited for more Crime Syndicate.