Chew Issue. 36 “Family Recipes Part One of Five” Review/Spoilers

Oh, Sagey.  You’re going to have a nice life.  You’re going to be happy.



I love this series so much, but more specifically I love Toni so much.  Unfortunately Toni died in Issue 30, fortunately while she may be dead she definitely isn’t gone.  Issue 36 takes place during the time gap between issues 29 and 30, hence the inside cover which states Issue 29 1/2 Space Cakes Part 4 1/2 of 5. 

We also get a lot more of Sage, Tony and Toni’s younger sister.  She’s an interesting character and her interaction with Toni is a lot of fun to read.  This issue reminds me why I love Toni so much, she’s this adorable Ellen DeGeneres like character who is easily the most innocent character of the whole series.  We also get to see more of her romance with fiancée Paneer, it’s quite tragic actually knowing that the two won’t get the happy ending they deserve and Toni knows it. 

This is actually a recurring joke of sorts throughout the issue, Toni’s knowing that she’s got just a few days till she’s brutally killed by the Vampire Cibopath.  The scene where Sage is saying how lucky Toni is that she can see into the future and a thought bubble containing Toni tied up in the lair of the Vampire Cibopath and replies “Well, er, it’s not always good, Sagey.” is heartbreaking. 

Still the issue keeps with the overall bright tone(excluding issue thirty) of the Space Cakes story.  The two page spread featuring Poyo was hilarious, it’s always great to see Poyo.    There are a lot of funny artistic gags such as the poster scene while Sage is running from the mob which states “SHHHHH!  Snitches Get Stiches” really got a laugh out of me. 

Rob Guillory is such a talented artist.  That final page with Toni smiling as Sage leaves, which soon shifts to a frown was so incredibly beautiful.  All of Toni’s emotions are excellently conveyed, that scene where she’s nudging Paneer saying “Told ya!” was great as well as the scene where Toni is hugging Paneer and exclaiming “Aw, isn’t my man just the best?” was so excellently drawn.  The cartoonish lovey face Toni has was just so funny to look at. .

Overall this was my favorite issue I read this week, and the best issue since the wonderful Issue Thirty.  I hope this isn’t the last we see of Miss. Toni Chu, though if it is I’d be okay with it.  This arc seems like it’ll be a good one, next issue is going to feature the long awaited dinner with Tony and Olive which should be fun. 


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