Dexter Season Eight “Goodbye Miami” Review/SPOILERS



Good god this episode was awful.  I’m sorry but I think I broke the world record of eye rolls during a single episode tonight.  This episode was easily the stupidest episode of this whole season.  It’s so incredibly bad I’m not even sure if I can review, but I’ll try.

The dialogue throughout this episode is really really rough.  I feel so bad for the whole cast, it really had to be chore to read a lot of these lines.  The writers finally remembered this is the final season and they need some callbacks to the first season and luckily for those who don’t recall these callbacks fear not, James Remar’s Harry is there to remind you of where you seen this before.  It feels like one of those editor’s notes in comic books like “Hey think you’ve seen this place before?  Well you have, see Dexter #1!-H.M.”, it just came off so awkward. 

The Jaime/Quinn storyline comes to an end, and I have to ask:  What was the point?  Why did the writers even include this here, so Quinn could finally realize Deb’s his true love after getting on with Jaime a few times.  I mean don’t get me wrong Quinn has actually been a lot cooler this season, but I just don’t get why even put him with Jaime if there just going to break up.  Masuka’s daughter shows up for one scene where Masuka condemns her for smoking pot and tells her to stop.  It was just like “…Okay.  Wait it this a thing now?  Is this a new storyline….Okay then no?”, it just felt so out of the blue and unnecessary. 

  Oh Harrison(Cue laugh track)!  After being told not to multiple times. Harrison decides he should go on the treadmill, and when Hannah tells him to follow directions he says he is.  Oh Harrison!  Then he hurts his chin, Hannah has to take him to the hospital.  She doesn’t wear a hoodie or sunglasses she just wears her normal attire, I just don’t get why Dexter can’t get her a wig or something.  Jesus, Hannah your face was on the news, the Miami Metro Police Department may be stupid but not everyone in Miami is.  This is proved when a nurse alerts Marshall Clayton.  Stupidity. 

Again on the topic of stupidity, what’s happening with Vogel this week?  Well, her crazy eyed Ryan Gosling looking son Saxon is pissed because she put him in a mental hospital after he killed her other son.  Why so unreasonable Vogel?  It may just be the awful script but the guy playing Saxon’s acting made me cringe.  It was really off-putting.  Vogel also thinks she can have a good relationship with her son, and actually plans on teaching him a new evil killer variation of the code.  This is however is stopped when Dexter proves Saxon really does like killing (cue the brief return of Zach Hamilton) as Saxon video taped his killing of Zach.  Wowzers, what a revelation.  Y’know despite the numerous somewhat innocent people killed in cold blood and those creepy ass eyes, I didn’t really think he liked killing.  Now though I’m convinced *sigh*. 

Deb’s parts of the episode were decent enough.  She and Quinn finally decide to give their relationship another go.  That whole “I love you stupid!” line from Deb was just so freaking cheesy and lame though.  Deb also returns to Miami Metro, and Elway acts like a jerk(God I hate that guy!). 

The episode ends with Vogel dead and Dexter sad.  I honestly couldn’t even watch the scene, it was so clear that she was gonna die.  As much as I want to(and Harry clearly wants you to) feel sad over her death, I’m really not.  It’s sad her love for he creepy son was her undoing, but quite honestly she let this happen. 

Overall, this was an awful episode.  Two episodes left, hopefully they can redeem the show, but it seems unlikely.  I was just starting to kind of like this season, and BAM(!) this episode comes along and ruins it.



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