Arrow Season 2 Scoop: Flash is Cast and I’m Disappointed.

I liked Hellcats okay….  Okay I loved Hellcats, and not just for the hot ladies in cheerleader outfits(although it helped), it was a good show with a great cast.  What does that have to do with the Flash being cast on Arrow?  Because Bleeding Cool got me excited just to disappoint me with the promise of Matt Barr from Hellcats being the Flash. 

Grant Austin is the Flash.  He’s was on Glee(which I never really watched though I saw a few episodes of Season Two) and on the god awful shitfest of awfulness and terribleness that was the final season of 90210(Yes I watched 90210 for all five seasons for some reason, though the last two or three seasons I was just hate-watching like I do America’s Got Talent).  If I recall correctly I remember him being very annoying and overly douche-y on 90210 and not liking him(although that was kind of the role but I don’t recall the acting being very good though it was Season Five of 90210 so anyone could guest star and due to the terrible scripts it would still seem terrible). 

I don’t know how I feel about this, I mean I kind of do(MATT BARR FOR FLASH!  MATT BARR FOR FLASH!) but I’m hoping this Grant Austin guy does a good job.  I mean I can’t say I’m too surprised they didn’t pick Matt Barr because these are the same people that picked Stephen Amell because he sent in a video of himself exercising with his shirt off(literally.  True story look it up).  Though then again they also casted some pretty good people too(No offense to Stephen Amell, but his acting while at times good(flashbacks for example have been were his acting tends to be pretty good) has tended to be pretty sucky at times). 

Anyway hopefully this whole Flash storyline turns out alright and Grant Austin does a good job.


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