Forever Evil #1 Review A Whole New World


I must say I’ve always loved the Crime Syndicate.  One of my first comics a trade featuring the “Syndicate Rules” storyline featured them and ever since I’ve loved seeing this rather seedy and villainous Justice League.  Now they’re back and I’m excited to see what’s next for them. 

A complaint I frequently have with Crime Syndicate is the lack of new members, and luckily we finally have some in the form of the revamped Deathstorm(first seen a few years ago in the “Brightest Day” storyline who is a much different character nowadays), Atomica, the Outsider, and my personal favorite of the bunch the Grid(“Have a nice day”).  Not only that even if only in passing mention we’re learning more about the villains of Earth-3.  In Trinity War we learned the team had fallen allies and counterparts to the JLA and JLD, and now it seems we may learn more about the villainous sidekick to Owlman known as the Talon.  For a long time I’ve waited for someone to explore the concept of Earth-3 further and I’m glad someone finally is.

This issue is solid enough, not exactly a life changing issue but in the case of the DC universe maybe a world changing one.  The villains are in control(Dark Reign?) and Nightwing’s identity is revealed(Civil War?) and we get a mention of a now living Ted Kord(Hoooray!).  Some of the villains have some very ehhh dialogue, like the “Dude they aint the Justice League line”.  I’m pumped to see more of the CSA and learn more about them.  Who is Deathstorm exactly?  I mean it’s been somewhat implied in this issue, Trinity War, and in the preview for issue two he may be in a relationship with Power Ring but besides that who is he?  Does the Ultraman hates Owlman because he’s banging Superwoman and she hates Ultraman and loves Owlman storyline still intact.  I mean it’d have a bit more relevance now with the current Superman/Wonder Woman relationship.  

The art is…well underwhelming.  I really like David Finch and I loved his art in the first two issues of JLA but here it looks a little sloppy.  There are some well drawn scenes and he does capture the dark feel the book needs, but some of the characters in the group scenes and a lot of the women look really ehhh.

Overall, solid read.  Not amazing but pretty good.  Excited for more Crime Syndicate.


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