Orange Is The New Black Review Featuring Spoilers

I’m afraid I’m not myself in here, and I’m afraid that I am.


Brilliant.  Easily some of the best television I’ve ever watched.  I’ve had a cold for the last week, and decided after hearing all the hype I should finally give Orange is the New Black a chance.  See what it’s all about, and thank god I did.

Jenji Kohan crafts such a real and interesting cast of characters.  Each one with their own unique backstory and personalities.  The show is jam packed with energy and emotion. 

Never once do I feel like I’m watching a television show, I feel like I’m watching real life.  The relatively unknown yet completely stellar cast helps this feeling .  It succeeds where other so called “dramedys” have failed, it delivers some of the funniest humor I’ve ever witnessed but also some very sad and emotional scenes as well.  The show makes the viewer feel a wide range of emotions from scared, to overjoyed, to sad, and to laughing at the top of your longs.

While the whole cast is excellent, I think Danielle Brooks(Taystee) kind of stole the show. The friendship between Taystee and Poussee is one of the most entertaining aspects of the show. Whether it’s imitating white women or a bittersweet farewell dance through the window the two always deliver. Also that performance at the Christmas Pageant was excellent.
Piper is such an excellent character mostly in part due to her many imperfections. When the show starts she’s portrayed very much as this innocent everywoman character who made one bad decision. As the season goes along we begin to see that’s not really case, we see that she’s a very selfish and how she chose to carry that money. Yet despite these many imperfections we the audience just can’t find it in ourselves to dislike her.

I honestly can’t even begin to comprehend why Laura Prepon would want to leave the show. The character of Alex is a real badass chick, although not always. Through flashbacks and even in present day we get to see snippets of a very different Alex, more vulnerable. These flashbacks due a superb job of showing different facets of these very complex characters. With a few exceptions none of the characters are really good or bad they all fall into this grey area. These many moral complexities make for a much more interesting story and without them these characters wouldn’t be as interesting.

Overall, I absolutely loved this show and am so pumped for Season Two. Jenji Kohan really did an excellent job with Orange is the New Black, and in thirteen episodes it’s given me a new favorite show and reinvigorated my love of television in the aftermath of a rather shitty 8th season of Dexter.


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