Dexter “Monkey In A Box” Review/Spoilers


After a god awful episode last week I feared for the worst this week.  Luckily it was actually a pretty solid episode, that doesn’t mean there weren’t points where I questioned Dexter and the rest of the character’s intelligence but better than last week.  Something I rather liked about this episode were the sort of kind of subtle callbacks to earlier seasons. 

This episode features the return of Season Three’s Sylvia Prado(Played by Valerie Cruz, who alongside fellow Dexter alums Sam Underwood and Keith Carradine is set to recur on this coming season of Fox’s serial killer versus FBI drama “The Following”) and a callback to Dexter’s catching of the Ice Truck Killer with a twist.  I liked seeing Sylvia again, because so many of Rita’s friends have come and gone never to be mentioned again, also it was strange hearing the two talk about Miguel(who met his end at the hands of Dexter).  Plus the sort of reenactment of the awesome Ice Truck Killer catch was cool and seeing Deb be a part of it was nice. 

The episode has a reunion-y feel to it with the mentions of Astor and Cody, the return of Sylvia, one last steak and beer with Deb, and Dexter helping his sister gain praise among Miami Metro with evidence or in this case the actual killer one last time or at least attempting to.

This episode has two major, major events that occur so I’ll warn you again SPOILERS Harrison combs his hair and Masuka’s daughter drinks Diet Pepsi(With each new reveal I grow saddened that the writers didn’t spend more time with this wonderful character that is Masuka Jr). Besides those two game changing reveals the episode has Dexter finally catch the Brain Surgeon in the style of the season one catch of Brian. It was awesome and I couldn’t wait to see Dexter finish that creepy ass mother*cker once and for all(I recently took a Dexter Personality Quiz where the questions were actually pretty hard to guess which character you get and got Sgt. James Doakes so there).

However because it seems Dexter has learned nothing whatsoever over the course of the show, he doesn’t(This has worked out so well before with Trinity and when he thought Zach killed Cassie and well…you get the picture). He’s going to let Deb arrest him and get the fame(Awwwww) but that doesn’t exactly goes as planned because that genius Marshall clearly doesn’t watch the news and lets creepy eyed Ryan Gosling free and subsequently is killed himself and poor Deb is shot before the police can reach the asylum. She’s still alive but I fear for her survival.

The Deb and Dexter scenes were nicely done and remind me of Dexter’s last supper with Deb in Season Two which caused him decide he needed this life. Deb is great here as always(I’m hoping we see Jennifer Carpenter pop up on our tv screens soon, maybe on Community or Parks and Rec’ she says she wants to do a comedy). Dexter’s goodbye speech was pretty darn awkward and bad but it felt very Dexter like. Mathews does some stuff and


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