Agents of SHIELD 1.01 “Pilot” Review Welcome to Level 7

It’s finally here.  Arguably one of the most anticipated pilots of the fall season is here, does it impress, does it disappoint, let’s find out! 

I’m a huge Joss Wheadon fan(I even liked Dollhouse) but prior to seeing the first episode I was a bit hesitant to get really excited for it.  Why?  I’m not totally sure but I just had a feeling it may disappoint me, and well…I was kind of right.

That’s not to say that this episode is bad whatsoever, but I just didn’t get that “WOW!  Great pilot, you won me over Joss” feeling.  I just turned on Mindy Project and thought “well that was okay, I’ll keep watching.

The episode just felt…familiar.  It felt almost like Joss was going through the motions(Buffy reference).  The characters were just ideas like cute quirky hacker girl, badass comes out of retirement, the nice guy, the guy who despite what he thinks can’t control his newfound abilities, and so on. 

The actors do a great job, and RON GLASS!  Cobie Smulders(I think that’s how it’s spelled?) is great and I enjoyed seeing J. August Richards(GUNN!) back on television and enjoyed his performance.

Overall, underwhelmed would best describe how I felt about this episode.  It was a solid episode but if this wasn’t based on SHIELD and wasn’t in the MCU and didn’t have Joss Wheadon attached to it this probably would have been a “I’ll watch it when nothing else is on” show.

Not going to give this a number grade but rather just a A-F grade.

GRADE:  B to B-


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