Parks and Rec’ Season 6 Premiere Review: Dear Ron,


I love this show.  To open up the sixth season Leslie and the gang head to London, Veronica Mars and Barry Zuckercorn guest star, and well Ron Swanson happens too!  Did I enjoy the premiere well if we look at the context clues such as “I love this show” as well as “Veronica Mars and Barry Zuckercorn guest star,” and “Ron Swanson” might indicate that I did.


So because I loved it I’ll just start with the cons.  Rashida Jones is awesome but Anne is just y’know Annish(“Annish(adj.)  Annish refers to a character who is somewhat unremarkable as a character, yet still likable.  Main examples include  the intentionally dull Anne Veal(Arrested Development) and Anne from Parks and Recreations.”-The Toast and Television Fake Dictionary 2013 Edition).  I love Anne but when she’s not with Leslie or hating Tom she’s just kind of okay.  Doesn’t mean I won’t miss her when she leaves but I wish the writers could give her a more interesting storyline.  The only other con is that I still don’t like Andy and April together that much(or more specifically Andy).

Otherwise I loved this episode and I loved all the guest stars.  Henry Winkler(Anne has the worst f***ing doctor) as Jean-Ralphio’s dad is just brilliant casting, as is Kristen Bell as the Earth-3 counterpart of Leslie is self explanatory.  Although I’m a bit sad that her one guest appearance was basically a two minute cameo(Kristen Bell can only guest star in one episode of a show due to her Showtime contract for “House of Lies”, and I’d rather it have been a bigger role in the Eagleton episode).

The scene with Ron walking as the sheep follow him was some great imagery and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Leslie’s gift to Ron was awesome, and I’d love to see more of Ron in Scotland.  Also the whole “my middle name is Tammy” joke was great.  Overall, this was a great season opener this show just always lifts my mood.



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