The Crazy Ones Series Premiere Review


Drive-through lovin’, drive, drive-through lovin’

I was cautiously optimistic for the Crazy Ones, the cast is great but the trailer just look so-so.  So when I watched the pilot I was pleasantly sort of surprised with how enjoyable it was.  I’m a huge SMG fan from Buffy to YUP even Ringer(I voted like three times a day on E’s “Save One Show” poll, I really loved that show it was 100% soapy fun, the cast was great and Gemma was hilarious(R.I.P.))

First off thank god this isn’t multi-camera, I really hate multi-camera television.  The cast is pretty great though James Wolk in particular really stands out in this episode.  Kelly Clarkson is surprisingly pretty great in this, she plays a fictionalized version of herself and it works.  Usually those actors as themselves special guest spots feel forced and just like “OH HEY LOOK WHO WE HAVE HERE, YOU KNOW KELLY CLARKSON RIGHT?!?  RIGHT?” but here it didn’t feel that way and she’s actually pretty talented in this episode and I wouldn’t mind seeing her as a recurring character.

As I previously mentioned James Wolk is absolutely brilliant in this and the dynamic between he and Robin Williams is fantastic.  Sarah Michelle Gellar does some good work here as the straight man to her father’s zany over the top personality.  I’d like to see the character loosen up in the future.  Most of the cast only appears in quick little scenes but I’m a huge fan of both Hamish Linklater and Amanda Setton so I’m sure they’ll deliver some great work.

Some specific things I really liked were


-Drive Through Lovin’

-Kelly Clarkson


-Robin Williams!

-The scenes between James Wolk, Robin Williams, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Overall solid pilot, I’m most definitely going to keep watching.  It’s not perfect and there’s room for improvement but I really enjoyed the episode.

GRADE: B to B+


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