American Horror Story: Coven “Fearful Pranks Ensue” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Both versions of Moira are back this week in familiar positions as Alexandra Breckenridge makes her return to AHS and Frances Conroy makes her first appearance since the season premiere.  Neither have a very good episode though, as one ends up dead and the others attempts at bringing down Fiona seem futile.  This episode answers a lot of questions and raises some as well.  We also didn’t have to wait long to learn how Emma Roberts will remain in the series. 

Poor Zoe hardly ever gets any screen time, though it’s probably for the better as her storyline with Kyle is probably the weakest of the bunch.  Not to say the storyline isn’t interesting, but when you compare it the other storylines it hardly hold up.  Still Taissa Farmiga does some great work here. 

Let’s get talking about my beloved and bitchy Madison, last episode she got her throat slit by HBIC(Head Bitch In Charge) Fiona, yet due to Emma Robert’s regular status a lot of people were left wondering what exactly that means.  Is she dead?  Will she become a zombie?  Franken-Madison?  Well we learn through a quick flashback that she’s definitely not supreme, and by the end of the episode we have a pretty good idea of where Madison is going to be for the rest of the season(though that could change).  She’s become Spalding’s new doll, which I predicted after the opening scene of the episode.

Speaking of we learn quite a bit about the enigmatic Spalding in this episode, and in many ways he’s a darker version of Larry from Season One.  Denis O’Hare really brings the creepy in this episode from his love confession to the younger Fiona before his cut off his own tongue(Ewwww) and his creepy cross-dressing tea party with he and his dolls(and the late Madison).  I wonder what will happen once someone finds Madison’s body.  The Spalding developments were great and I’m very curious to see where his character goes from here.

The Witches Council also comes to town, and I hope they’re here to stay.  Well at least Myrtle and Quentin, the other lady didn’t do much.  Frances Conroy is such a badass, god I want to see her and Fiona fight it out.  The way Myrtle breaks down when Spalding writes her name on the paper was epic, and those “I know what you really are” characters who oppose the “hero” always really appeal to me for some reason.  Another bit of the episode I enjoyed was the interaction between Fiona and Quentin.  Also Leslie Jordan’s reaction to Queenie’s kind words of remembrance of Madison was priceless.

Alexandra Breckenridge is back!!!!!!!!  Aw yeah!  I love me some Alexandra Breckenridge and was pumped for her return this week.  Here she plays a woman named Kaylee who met Hank(Cordelia’s husband) via a online forum and there’s a little wam, bam thank…nah actually another bam because Hank shoots her in the head after they have sex.  I totally called it when he was making those really freaky maniacal faces when they were…well y’know, I knew he had to be a creep.  It was still nice to Alexandra Breckenridge again, also the women on AHS seem to fall for serial killers(first Violet, now Cordelia, and Fiona’s said to be starting a relationship with the infamous Axeman in the coming episodes).  So where Hank and Cordelia’s story is heading I really can’t guess, but I’m excited to see what happens and what his motivations are.

There’s a war on the horizon, Voodoo versus Salem.  Unfortunately judging by the next episodes teaser I don’t think Marie will live long enough to see it’s end.  Next week someone’s taking the fall for the death of Madison and is going to get burned at the stake and considering Angela Basset’s recurring status I think it might be her.  I loved the scenes at the salon, the women there seem so nice and normal(and not trying to slit each other’s throats) especially when you compare them the Salem witches.  Still I’m beginning to question how much of a “good guy” Marie really is, she sent the minotaur and subsequently injured Queenie now she’s sent a horde of zombies to a school which contains innocent girls.  I don’t know Marie, I don’t know.

They also seem to be attempting to “redeem” Delphine, and I don’t know how I feel about it so much.  Had she been fictional I might feel differently, but due to her being a real monster I don’t think she deserves redemption.  Kathy Bates does some excellent work here trying to convince you otherwise while handing out the Halloween candy but I think I’ll have to reserve judgement on that.  I do think that no amount of kindness or compassion can truly redeem her at this point, she’s too far gone.

Other events of interest include a possible relationship between Nan and that dude Madison hit on last week, if of course he doesn’t get eaten by the zombies.  Also props to Nan for giving a shit about Madison’s disappearance and alerting the council, you’ve earned yourself some definite brownie points with the Madison Montgomery Fan Club.  Also Cordelia gets watered with an acid like liquid and is pretty naïve about her mother killing Madison.

Best episode of Season Three yet. 

A+ 99% Awesome




American Horror Story: Coven Episode 2 “The Replacements” Review/Major Spoilers


This is seriously the most fucked up show ever.  I’m now almost done with season one(half way through “Afterbirth” so really close to the ending), and even that couldn’t prepare me for the messed up shit that occurs in this weeks episode of Coven.  Yet while the show deals with some real messed up shit, it doesn’t really overdo it.  They have those bizarre and messed up scenes but they never last longer than a minute or two.  They’re never too gratuitous  about it. 

So let’s get talking.  The entirety of the episode focuses on Fiona with a decent bit of *sniff*  *sniff* Madison as well.  The opening scene shows us that as funny and awesome Fiona can be at times she’s still kind of a monster, and the ending one shows, that despite blowing up a bus of frat boys, Madison is not.  The two’s interaction in this episode is excellent and being how little time it took to get Kyle and Misty back I hope the downtime before Madison returns isn’t to long.  Emma Robert’s and Jessica Lange played excellently off each other in this episode and I can’t wait to see the aftermath of Madison’s murder.  I don’t know how to feel about Fiona, I’d like to hate her because she’s an awful person, but on the other hand she’s got some morals and she’s extremely witty.

We learn more about  Kyle, as well as his *ahem* “special” relationship with his mother.  The one problem I had was the predictability of how the storyline turned out in the end.  Him killing his mother wasn’t much of a surprise  to me, because there was no way he was going leave Zoe and Misty this early on.  I am also really loving Misty(I’m convinced it’s impossible to hate Lily Rabe, she’s mastered the puppy-dog look and the way she looks when Zoe and Kyle leave was pretty heartbreaking), there seem to be some definite parallels between her Season One role as Nora and Misty(her motherly relationship with Evan Peter’s character, also her ability to revive the dead is something she opposed as Nora when her husband brought back their child in Season One). 

We get to see more of Queenie as well, as Fiona has made Kathy Bates her personal slave.  Kathy Bates reaction to Obama was hilarious, and I loved the fact that despite all of horrible things Fiona has done racism is where she draws the line.  Queenie is a lot more complex than she initially seemed, and I was moved by her compassion for Bates whom she could have just as easily thrown to the wolves(or rather minotaur) for all the atrocities she did.  Her scene with Minotaur was rather heartbreaking as well.  Cordelia has some scenes too which aren’t too interesting though the actress does a great job as does Angela Basset. 

Overall, I really feel for all of the characters here.  In just three episodes they’ve all shown a lot development.  I really hope Madison shows up again some point down the line again as I loved her character, Queenie is definitely showing a lot of potential, Misty is great, and Jessica Lange gives an amazing performance which has left me polarized as to whether I love her or hate her.  Excellent episode.

GRADE:  95% of Awesome

American Horror Story: Coven Episode Two Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Maybe in two hundred years you can own two shithole salons.

Crikey, this episode of Coven was good.  From zombie gators to accidental deals with the devil this episode has it all!  Seriously there is even has a snake assisted impregnation!  Two episodes in I’m hooked on Coven!  Are you?  If not, WHY, WHY, WHY NOT??!

So first off the episode opens with the aforementioned zombie gators and I couldn’t help get a huge smile on my face when I saw zombie gators!  They eat a guy, and it’s awesome.  The episode keeps getting crazier I love it!  The dialogue is razor sharp and the characters are so bitchy and it’s great!  The interaction between Jessica Lange and Angela Basset’s characters is crazy, compelling, funny, and intense all at the same time.  While Angela Basset is freaking amazing here, I got to say Lange has you beat this time with her “Maybe in two hundred years you can own two shithole salons.”.

Of course however Madison(played oh so amazingly by Emma Roberts) kind of out does her as well with limited screen time with her “Bitch is on her own” line.  I don’t know if we’re supposed to like Madison, but she’s by far my favorite thanks to Emma Robert’s excellent acting(also she’s really hot).  Anyway everyone kind of gets some time to shine this week, and we also see the return of Misty Day.  I must say I’m intrigued by Misty and I don’t know about anyone else but did she seem to be attracted to Zoe or am I reading too much into it?


I don’t think this Kyle storyline can lead anywhere good for Zoe or anyone else involved(another note, I’ve recently begun and am on episode eight of AHS season one and Madison who helped make Franken-Kyle shares the same last name as the doctor who tried to bring back his son from the dead, Montgomery).
We learn more about Queenie too, and she seems to have some definite anger issues. Pretty creative though, frying a guys arm. I really like all of the characters and it’s a shame that given the shows history most of them will probably end up dead by the seasons end. That Minotaur reveal was crazy weird and I wonder what will happen when he inevitably goes after Kathy Bates.
So all in all this episode was great. I’m loving this show and can’t wait to see what comes next. Great episode.
99% Awesome

The Crazy Ones “The Breakfast Burrito Club” Review

This is going to be short review.  I liked the first episode of the Crazy Ones good enough, but with each subsequent episode I find myself liking it more and more.  The show isn’t Parks and Recreations by any means(but Parks and Rec’ wasn’t even Parks and Rec’ four episodes in) but I gotta say I kind of love this show.  The cast has grown much more comfortable with each episode and the supporting cast is getting some time to shine. 

The character interaction is great and there are a lot of fun one liners.  One thing I’m not necessarily a fan of is Sydney’s portrayal as a woman with no time for a personal life and just work, it provides some laughs but I’m tiring of the hard working woman who has no time for real life cliché.  Also while I appreciate them injecting a possible ongoing storyline into the show I don’t know how I feel about the possibility of a Sydney/Andrew relationship(hey SMG’s love interest on Ringer’s name was Andrew!).  The brainstorming provides some more info on the character’s and their personal lives from Andrew’s feelings for Sydney to Lauren having an  ex-girlfriend(I love Lauren and her psychopathic tendencies) which is always nice to see.

Overall, this episode was a lot of fun to watch.  The cast is excellent, the jokes are great, and the shows also beginning to develop some possible ongoing storylines.  This show definitely has a more NBC feel to it, but I suppose it’s better it’s on CBS because they seem to give shows more of a chance.  Love this show.

OVERALL:  95% Awesome

The Walking Dead Season Four Premiere “30 Days Without an Accident”


The Walking Dead is back and with it a horde of new characters.  “30 Days Without an Accident” comes after a lackluster season finale which sort of left me wondering about the shape of the show.  This episode could make or break the show(though probably not being that I watched most of Revenge season two and keep watching Supernatural despite just finding it okay).  So what is it?

It delivers a very entertaining hour of television, not necessarily a groundbreaking piece of art(though really what is?  Okay maybe Parks and Recreation) but a fun(okay maybe not that considering a lot of people die in it but you know) and entertaining hour of television nonetheless.  I liked it but definitely had my issue with it, though I feel Mr. Gimple is definitely raising the bar a bit plot wise with the introduction of this new disease plaguing the prison.  So let’s get talking.

The episode introduces some new characters including Zach, who is Beth’s boyfriend and is played by Kyle Gallner of Smallville and Veronica Mars, some crazy lady who Rick finds in the woods, Patrick(I think?) played by none other than Greg from Everybody Hates Chris or rather Vincent Martella also known for his role voicing Phineas of Phineas and Ferb, and comic character Bob Stokey.  All of them save Bob Stokey(who I don’t think I trust) die within the episode.  I feel like for Zach and Patrick it was kind of a waste of characters, they both seemed pretty likable and while I knew that they’d inevitably end up zombie food or just dead I feel like they could have gotten at least two episodes in before they killed them off. 

Still they don’t die for nothing.  Zach’s death shows us a different more interesting side of Beth(who hey is now regular), she’s kind of become numb to death but not in a bad way necessarily, as she states “I’m just glad I got to know him”.  It’s kind of a nice view on the whole thing, and I really like Beth and I’m glad she’s getting some attention.  Also did it seem that they just kind of decided “screw it” and aged her a few years because everyone kind of knows she’s not fifteen(twenty seven actually in real life).

Patrick’s death brings a whole new threat with it, one more interesting than the Governor: a disease.  I can’t wait to see how this affects the characters and the prison.  Who will be it’s next victim?  I don’t know, but one thing I know is I do not trust Bob. 

I have a feeling he may be working with the Governor as his inside man in the prison. I may be wrong but I have a strong feeling about this.
Another plot advancement I liked was the happier Michonne we got here. The female characters in general seem to be given more purpose now than just the people who watches the babies, they’ve been given more personality and I like it. A complaint I’ve always had with the Walking Dead is how poorly the female characters are written but they all seem to be improving in that department while not perfect it’s at least a start.
Overall this episode is a good opener and I’m excited to see how the season will progress. Another pro, no Governor! Hopefully the season can remain on the right path.
RATING: 85% Awesome

Parks and Recreation 6×02-6×03 Pawnegleton Saga Review/SPOILERS


She’s the most terrible person I’ve ever met.  I want to travel the world with her.

Things just got EXTREME up in here, one review, two episodes.  Since I A) forgot to review Parks and Recreations last week and B) the episodes go together quite nicely I decided it may be best to review them together.  So prepare for the awesome double review that follows.

So to start my fear that Kristen Bell was wasted in the premiere was unwarranted because SURPRISE she pops up in Episode Two as well where she is used excellently.  What about the other Eagleton counterparts?  April’s counterpart is without a doubt the best of the bunch, her and April’s interactions in Episode Three are definitely standout scenes.  I thought Tom’s “counterpart” was rather creative, Ron Dunn(is that how it’s spelled or is it Done) was pretty great, though I didn’t really get Donna’s counterpart Craig. 

Jerry’s back…or um…Larry or Gary…no it’s definitely Larry is back and it’s to quote April “classic Larry”.  I like Larry and the humorous teasing he receives from others(specifically April) and hope he stays around for a while.  Another character whom I’m beginning to like is Ben, and the Anne is leaving storyline is providing some much needed tension as well as humor.  The “I’m surrounded by treachery” line was awesome and you know what Leslie kind of deserves to be mad, her best friend is leaving for anywhere but Pawnee and she’s just supposed to be all smiles and sunshine.

April really shines in these two episodes and her scenes with Anne in episode two are great.  I’ve always enjoyed the Anne/April dynamic and their trip to the veterinarian school presented the relationship at it’s finest.  Also Doctor April Kavorkian!  I also loved the interaction between April and her counterpart, and hope that she returns at some point down the line. 

Overall these two episodes were excellent and I hope that this isn’t the last we see of the Eagletonian counterparts.  LONG LIVE PARKS AND RECREATIONS!

100% Awesome

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten and Angel and Faith Season Two Announced!

I want to cry right now, wonderful tears of joy.  I loved Buffy Season Eight, it was fresh and exciting and kept the original feeling of Buffy while giving it new purpose and I feel the only reason people give it so much crap is that they just wanted the same old Buffy.  I love Buffy but I appreciated the new direction, then Season Nine came and went “back to the basics” and I and pretty much everyone else hated it.  Luckily there was Angel and Faith by Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs to remind me of why I loved Buffy. 

Now they’ve announced Season Ten of Buffy and Season Two of Angel & Faith so whose working on each of series.  CHRISTOS GAGE and REBEKAH ISAACS are on BUFFY SEASON TEN, and Victor Gischler(Spike) and Will Conrad are on Angel & Faith.  The promo image for SEASON TEN of Buffy and Angel & Faith is really crazy awesome and drawn by Isaacs and is bringing back some good early Buffy vibes.  Magic’s back, so is Giles(albeit 12 years old now), and Buffy has short-ish hair.  It looks like Faith and Angel will be separated for the time being with Faith tagging along with Kennedy as a bodyguard(PLEASE BRING BACK Vi) and Angel taking watch over magic town.  Not so sure about the Angel and Faith creative team, but with Gage and Isaacs on board with Buffy I can hardly contain my excitement.  My hopes for Season Ten is that Oz returns for an arc or two, some of the other slayers pop up, and no more Dawn/Xander(sorry it’s just weird).