The Mindy Project Season Two Episode Three



Wow shit just got serious.  “The Mindy Project” welcomes Adam Pally(of ABC’s “Happy Endings”) and says farewell to Mindy’s pastor/DJ/party planner love interest.  How did I enjoy this weeks dose of Mindy Kaling?  Quite a bit.

This has to be one of the most underrated comedies on television, though I hope the arrival of cult show “Happy Ending”‘s Adam Pally can draw some more attention to the show.  While I wasn’t a fan of “Happy Endings”(I know I’m in the minority), Adam Pally is absolutely great here.  He really owns the douche-y but likable frat guy role.

Meanwhile Mindy’s relationship with her pastor boyfriend takes a turn for the worst when he decides he wants to be a DJ and then a party planner.  While I wasn’t necessarily saddened by his departure(being that he’s an annoying jerk) but wow was that final scene surprisingly serious.  Despite the serious ending the episode itself is pretty funny.

Yeah like I’ll eat a brownie from a stranger at a concert.  Oooh a cupcake, can I have it?

  Some of my favorite scenes from this weeks episode are listed here.  I love the show’s bizarre and unique brand of humor.  The whole “plus sized model” bit between Mindy and Adam Pally’s character was great, and I can’t wait to see more interaction between the two in the future.  I also rather like the Tamra character.  The opening in the church was hilarious.

Overall, great episode really love this show.




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