What I Want From: Orange Is The New Black Season Two


Season Two of Orange is the New Black is still sometime away but I have a lot of hopes for this upcoming second season of the hit Netflix original dramedy.  Some may be a bit of a stretch and some are easily accomplishable, but regardless if Season Two is anything like it’s predecessor it shall be excellent television viewing.


Regardless of what one’s feelings may be about Dexter and it’s final season, I think all can agree that Jennifer Carpenter is absolutely brilliant and deserves a role as excellent as her acting and I think that OITNB is exactly that.  Carpenter has proven through her work on Dexter to be able to convey a whole range of emotions which is a feat that is necessary for a show like Orange is the New Black.  Whether it be as an inmate(preferably), a guard, or as a flashback character I think we could all use some more Jennifer Carpenter on our TV’s(or rather computers, tablets, and other devices).  Plus she said that she wanted her next TV role to be a comedy, and we all now how well she is dealing with ‘colorful vocabulary’.


If there’s one real breakout character from Orange is the New Black it’s  most definitely Taystee.  Unfortunately we didn’t learn a whole heck of a lot about her or her background, same goes for fellow fan favorites Crazy Eyes(whose brief interaction with her adoptive parents was absolutely amazing), Cindy, and of course Taystee’s BFF Poussey.  I think I speak for everyone when I say we need to know more about these characters.  Also I agree with Danielle Brooke’s sentiment that Taystee should she get a flashback story this year get a love interest as well, also while we’re on the topic of love interests who else ships Cenzel(Cindy and Denzel Washington “in a world were Book of Eli never happened”).


If Laura Prepon’s leaving then okay(not really), fine(not fine), really I’m cool with it(really not), but can you give us some clarification on it.  I’m sick of this constant “No she’s not returning”, “we don’t know”, “Buzzfeed is wrong”, “we don’t know yet”, “haven’t seen her”, “of course she’s coming back”, “a few episodes”, “most definitely returning, can’t wait”, “one episode only”, and all that other crap.  All jokes aside as much as I “heart” Laura Prepon(I mean how hot is she with that black hair?) I’m not going to quit the show if she leaves.  Alex is badass but hardly the star of the show(*cough* *cough* TAYSTEE *cough* *cough*), and being that she’s so minimally featured in the excellent book(A BOOK!  A real book, I’m reading a book folks!  Witch you can expect a review of Piper Kerman’s “Orange is the new Black: My Year In A Woman’s Prison”) I can understand why from a storytelling point of view she may not be involved as much with the show going forward, just give me the truth.

      4. LESS LARY

I’m sorry Larry, you seem like a cool guy and I get that Piper’s actions have had a tremendous impact on your life but can you complain a little less.  Reading the book now the Larry from the book(and real life) seems a helluva lot cooler than the version present in the show.  I don’t dislike Larry, not in the slightest but if they’re going to keep him around at least make him more interesting. 


Okay, c’mon this is pretty self explanatory.  Guy’s a jerk who had Piper not gone all badass on Pennsatucky , was going to let her die.  Dude deserves to be fired and jailed. 


Just make good television Jenji Kohan.  If it has Jennifer Carpenter(PLEASE!  PLEASE!  PLEASE GET JENNIFER CARPENTER TO JOIN), or Taystee flashbacks(PLEASE) all the better but just make it good.





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