Homeland Season Two Episode Two “Uh…Oh..Ah..” Review/Major Spoilers


Homeland is back, and a lot has changed.  Saul is a major douche taking orders from another major douche, Carrie is off her meds her secret exposed to the world, Dana’s dating Zach Hamilton from Dexter, and it’s been a for the most part Brodyless first two episodes.  Let’s discuss “Uh…Oh..Ah…”(what a bizarre episode title that is).

Peter Quinn is an absolute bamf, I love how he stood up to Saul.  Speaking of, damn Saul what happened?  Saul sold Carrie out, but he’s still trying to somehow maintain that relationship and it’s aggravating.  I still like Saul but I also kind of hope he gets punched in the face.  Claire Danes acting is superb and it’s so incredibly unsettling to watch her crazy side unfold. 

Oh Dana.  I’m sorry but really?  That scene between Dana and Leo was way too much.  Despite that, Leo is more interesting than Finn Walden and I wonder what he did to get locked up with the “crazies”.  Kill his father’s mistress and subsequently become the apprentice of a serial killing vigilante?  Zach Hamilton is that you?

I love Morena Baccarin.  She was my favorite part of Firefly, and she’s the best member of the Brody family.  Seriously though why does the son exist?  All he did before was say “Hey Dad”, point out game scores, and now all he does is show up in the background.  At least he’s not sulking over some hit and run I guess.

The writing is great here as usual.  I know most would disagree but I absolutely loved Season Two, not all shows have to move at a snail like pace.  I liked the sudden plot twists and while there’s been a considerable lack of them this season I like that they’re taking a little time to focus on the characters and the fallout the explosion had on them.  Also that new girl working with Saul is pretty cool.

Overall pretty great episode but it went by way to quick(Only 49 minutes!).  Can’t wait to see how the season plays out and I’m really enjoying the lack of Brody, and I’m kind of dreading his (possible) return next week.  Also that trailer for next week, what the hell was that?

Some blog updates coming up.  I caught up on a lot of shows today including “Sleepy Hollow”, “Crazy Ones”, and “The Blacklist”.  While I’ve never watched the show before(seems a bit to dark for my tastes) I’m going to give AHS: Coven a try this Wednesday and maybe review that, Supernatural, Arrow and some more may get reviewed.  I’m thinking instead of individually reviewing all new shows I may just do a Fall Pilots Review where I review the best(The Blacklist) and the worst(Welcome to the Family, keep in mind I haven’t seen Dads or the Millers which are both receiving some “glowing” reviews from critics) of the Fall tv season. 


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