Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Ten and Angel and Faith Season Two Announced!

I want to cry right now, wonderful tears of joy.  I loved Buffy Season Eight, it was fresh and exciting and kept the original feeling of Buffy while giving it new purpose and I feel the only reason people give it so much crap is that they just wanted the same old Buffy.  I love Buffy but I appreciated the new direction, then Season Nine came and went “back to the basics” and I and pretty much everyone else hated it.  Luckily there was Angel and Faith by Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs to remind me of why I loved Buffy. 

Now they’ve announced Season Ten of Buffy and Season Two of Angel & Faith so whose working on each of series.  CHRISTOS GAGE and REBEKAH ISAACS are on BUFFY SEASON TEN, and Victor Gischler(Spike) and Will Conrad are on Angel & Faith.  The promo image for SEASON TEN of Buffy and Angel & Faith is really crazy awesome and drawn by Isaacs and is bringing back some good early Buffy vibes.  Magic’s back, so is Giles(albeit 12 years old now), and Buffy has short-ish hair.  It looks like Faith and Angel will be separated for the time being with Faith tagging along with Kennedy as a bodyguard(PLEASE BRING BACK Vi) and Angel taking watch over magic town.  Not so sure about the Angel and Faith creative team, but with Gage and Isaacs on board with Buffy I can hardly contain my excitement.  My hopes for Season Ten is that Oz returns for an arc or two, some of the other slayers pop up, and no more Dawn/Xander(sorry it’s just weird).


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