Supernatural 9×01 “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


The best way to describe Supernatural and I’s relationship is that of an abusive one.  I love Supernatural but I hate it too.  Too often I’m left disappointed rather than excited by it, but when it’s good it’s great, but when it’s bad it’s really bad.  So what is it this week Supernatural?  Okay, a solid opener but nothing too exciting here.

The most interesting aspects of the opener are the guest stars of past and present.  Bobby’s back and so is Death, and we also welcome Dollhouse alum Tamoh Penikett as a new and surprisingly likable angel named Ezekiel(so likable we get a wonderfuly strange facial emotion out of Castiel which I can’t really figure out).  Jim Beaver’s back as if he never left, but he’s actually kind of wasted here.  He appears for about five whole minutes throughout the whole episode, but even so Jim kills it especially with his “Well this just got awkward” line and the return of his signature catchphrase idjits were both awesome.  Death’s return is also rather brief and again feels a bit wasted but nice regardless.

Ezekiel is really interesting, and Tamoh Penikett does an excellent job here.  Unfortunately it seems it’ll be a while till Tamoh inevitably returns later in the season.  I’m definitely unsure of the Ezekiel and Sam storyline, and especially the impact it’ll have when Sam inevitably learns of Deans actions.  I feel like after last season’s finale they set up this whole “OKAY NO MORE LIES!  WE PROMISE!”, and now they’ve just turned around and gone “Nah, we’re out of ideas so more Sam and Dean betrayal!  The fans love that!”.  Well I don’t know about everyone else but I sure as hell don’t like it, we’ve done this same storyline five thousand times before.

The dialogue is for the most part pretty good, but the overall storyline feels too familiar.  There are some good one liners from Dean, and Sam’s line about letting this death be the final one was heartbreaking.  The Castiel storyline for this season seems rather interesting, more so than his storyline with that angel lady last season(I miss Meg as played by Rachel Miner).  I like that they aren’t going down the whole Castiel is corrupt storyline again. 

Overall, it was an okay episode better than the eighth season finale but I’m growing tired of the same old storylines getting rehashed all the time.  There’s some great acting and some nice one liners but this is overall just a decent episode.

C 75% of Awesome



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