Parks and Recreation 6×02-6×03 Pawnegleton Saga Review/SPOILERS


She’s the most terrible person I’ve ever met.  I want to travel the world with her.

Things just got EXTREME up in here, one review, two episodes.  Since I A) forgot to review Parks and Recreations last week and B) the episodes go together quite nicely I decided it may be best to review them together.  So prepare for the awesome double review that follows.

So to start my fear that Kristen Bell was wasted in the premiere was unwarranted because SURPRISE she pops up in Episode Two as well where she is used excellently.  What about the other Eagleton counterparts?  April’s counterpart is without a doubt the best of the bunch, her and April’s interactions in Episode Three are definitely standout scenes.  I thought Tom’s “counterpart” was rather creative, Ron Dunn(is that how it’s spelled or is it Done) was pretty great, though I didn’t really get Donna’s counterpart Craig. 

Jerry’s back…or um…Larry or Gary…no it’s definitely Larry is back and it’s to quote April “classic Larry”.  I like Larry and the humorous teasing he receives from others(specifically April) and hope he stays around for a while.  Another character whom I’m beginning to like is Ben, and the Anne is leaving storyline is providing some much needed tension as well as humor.  The “I’m surrounded by treachery” line was awesome and you know what Leslie kind of deserves to be mad, her best friend is leaving for anywhere but Pawnee and she’s just supposed to be all smiles and sunshine.

April really shines in these two episodes and her scenes with Anne in episode two are great.  I’ve always enjoyed the Anne/April dynamic and their trip to the veterinarian school presented the relationship at it’s finest.  Also Doctor April Kavorkian!  I also loved the interaction between April and her counterpart, and hope that she returns at some point down the line. 

Overall these two episodes were excellent and I hope that this isn’t the last we see of the Eagletonian counterparts.  LONG LIVE PARKS AND RECREATIONS!

100% Awesome


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