The Walking Dead Season Four Premiere “30 Days Without an Accident”


The Walking Dead is back and with it a horde of new characters.  “30 Days Without an Accident” comes after a lackluster season finale which sort of left me wondering about the shape of the show.  This episode could make or break the show(though probably not being that I watched most of Revenge season two and keep watching Supernatural despite just finding it okay).  So what is it?

It delivers a very entertaining hour of television, not necessarily a groundbreaking piece of art(though really what is?  Okay maybe Parks and Recreation) but a fun(okay maybe not that considering a lot of people die in it but you know) and entertaining hour of television nonetheless.  I liked it but definitely had my issue with it, though I feel Mr. Gimple is definitely raising the bar a bit plot wise with the introduction of this new disease plaguing the prison.  So let’s get talking.

The episode introduces some new characters including Zach, who is Beth’s boyfriend and is played by Kyle Gallner of Smallville and Veronica Mars, some crazy lady who Rick finds in the woods, Patrick(I think?) played by none other than Greg from Everybody Hates Chris or rather Vincent Martella also known for his role voicing Phineas of Phineas and Ferb, and comic character Bob Stokey.  All of them save Bob Stokey(who I don’t think I trust) die within the episode.  I feel like for Zach and Patrick it was kind of a waste of characters, they both seemed pretty likable and while I knew that they’d inevitably end up zombie food or just dead I feel like they could have gotten at least two episodes in before they killed them off. 

Still they don’t die for nothing.  Zach’s death shows us a different more interesting side of Beth(who hey is now regular), she’s kind of become numb to death but not in a bad way necessarily, as she states “I’m just glad I got to know him”.  It’s kind of a nice view on the whole thing, and I really like Beth and I’m glad she’s getting some attention.  Also did it seem that they just kind of decided “screw it” and aged her a few years because everyone kind of knows she’s not fifteen(twenty seven actually in real life).

Patrick’s death brings a whole new threat with it, one more interesting than the Governor: a disease.  I can’t wait to see how this affects the characters and the prison.  Who will be it’s next victim?  I don’t know, but one thing I know is I do not trust Bob. 

I have a feeling he may be working with the Governor as his inside man in the prison. I may be wrong but I have a strong feeling about this.
Another plot advancement I liked was the happier Michonne we got here. The female characters in general seem to be given more purpose now than just the people who watches the babies, they’ve been given more personality and I like it. A complaint I’ve always had with the Walking Dead is how poorly the female characters are written but they all seem to be improving in that department while not perfect it’s at least a start.
Overall this episode is a good opener and I’m excited to see how the season will progress. Another pro, no Governor! Hopefully the season can remain on the right path.
RATING: 85% Awesome


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