American Horror Story: Coven Episode Two Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Maybe in two hundred years you can own two shithole salons.

Crikey, this episode of Coven was good.  From zombie gators to accidental deals with the devil this episode has it all!  Seriously there is even has a snake assisted impregnation!  Two episodes in I’m hooked on Coven!  Are you?  If not, WHY, WHY, WHY NOT??!

So first off the episode opens with the aforementioned zombie gators and I couldn’t help get a huge smile on my face when I saw zombie gators!  They eat a guy, and it’s awesome.  The episode keeps getting crazier I love it!  The dialogue is razor sharp and the characters are so bitchy and it’s great!  The interaction between Jessica Lange and Angela Basset’s characters is crazy, compelling, funny, and intense all at the same time.  While Angela Basset is freaking amazing here, I got to say Lange has you beat this time with her “Maybe in two hundred years you can own two shithole salons.”.

Of course however Madison(played oh so amazingly by Emma Roberts) kind of out does her as well with limited screen time with her “Bitch is on her own” line.  I don’t know if we’re supposed to like Madison, but she’s by far my favorite thanks to Emma Robert’s excellent acting(also she’s really hot).  Anyway everyone kind of gets some time to shine this week, and we also see the return of Misty Day.  I must say I’m intrigued by Misty and I don’t know about anyone else but did she seem to be attracted to Zoe or am I reading too much into it?


I don’t think this Kyle storyline can lead anywhere good for Zoe or anyone else involved(another note, I’ve recently begun and am on episode eight of AHS season one and Madison who helped make Franken-Kyle shares the same last name as the doctor who tried to bring back his son from the dead, Montgomery).
We learn more about Queenie too, and she seems to have some definite anger issues. Pretty creative though, frying a guys arm. I really like all of the characters and it’s a shame that given the shows history most of them will probably end up dead by the seasons end. That Minotaur reveal was crazy weird and I wonder what will happen when he inevitably goes after Kathy Bates.
So all in all this episode was great. I’m loving this show and can’t wait to see what comes next. Great episode.
99% Awesome


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