The Crazy Ones “The Breakfast Burrito Club” Review

This is going to be short review.  I liked the first episode of the Crazy Ones good enough, but with each subsequent episode I find myself liking it more and more.  The show isn’t Parks and Recreations by any means(but Parks and Rec’ wasn’t even Parks and Rec’ four episodes in) but I gotta say I kind of love this show.  The cast has grown much more comfortable with each episode and the supporting cast is getting some time to shine. 

The character interaction is great and there are a lot of fun one liners.  One thing I’m not necessarily a fan of is Sydney’s portrayal as a woman with no time for a personal life and just work, it provides some laughs but I’m tiring of the hard working woman who has no time for real life cliché.  Also while I appreciate them injecting a possible ongoing storyline into the show I don’t know how I feel about the possibility of a Sydney/Andrew relationship(hey SMG’s love interest on Ringer’s name was Andrew!).  The brainstorming provides some more info on the character’s and their personal lives from Andrew’s feelings for Sydney to Lauren having an  ex-girlfriend(I love Lauren and her psychopathic tendencies) which is always nice to see.

Overall, this episode was a lot of fun to watch.  The cast is excellent, the jokes are great, and the shows also beginning to develop some possible ongoing storylines.  This show definitely has a more NBC feel to it, but I suppose it’s better it’s on CBS because they seem to give shows more of a chance.  Love this show.

OVERALL:  95% Awesome


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