American Horror Story: Coven Episode 2 “The Replacements” Review/Major Spoilers


This is seriously the most fucked up show ever.  I’m now almost done with season one(half way through “Afterbirth” so really close to the ending), and even that couldn’t prepare me for the messed up shit that occurs in this weeks episode of Coven.  Yet while the show deals with some real messed up shit, it doesn’t really overdo it.  They have those bizarre and messed up scenes but they never last longer than a minute or two.  They’re never too gratuitous  about it. 

So let’s get talking.  The entirety of the episode focuses on Fiona with a decent bit of *sniff*  *sniff* Madison as well.  The opening scene shows us that as funny and awesome Fiona can be at times she’s still kind of a monster, and the ending one shows, that despite blowing up a bus of frat boys, Madison is not.  The two’s interaction in this episode is excellent and being how little time it took to get Kyle and Misty back I hope the downtime before Madison returns isn’t to long.  Emma Robert’s and Jessica Lange played excellently off each other in this episode and I can’t wait to see the aftermath of Madison’s murder.  I don’t know how to feel about Fiona, I’d like to hate her because she’s an awful person, but on the other hand she’s got some morals and she’s extremely witty.

We learn more about  Kyle, as well as his *ahem* “special” relationship with his mother.  The one problem I had was the predictability of how the storyline turned out in the end.  Him killing his mother wasn’t much of a surprise  to me, because there was no way he was going leave Zoe and Misty this early on.  I am also really loving Misty(I’m convinced it’s impossible to hate Lily Rabe, she’s mastered the puppy-dog look and the way she looks when Zoe and Kyle leave was pretty heartbreaking), there seem to be some definite parallels between her Season One role as Nora and Misty(her motherly relationship with Evan Peter’s character, also her ability to revive the dead is something she opposed as Nora when her husband brought back their child in Season One). 

We get to see more of Queenie as well, as Fiona has made Kathy Bates her personal slave.  Kathy Bates reaction to Obama was hilarious, and I loved the fact that despite all of horrible things Fiona has done racism is where she draws the line.  Queenie is a lot more complex than she initially seemed, and I was moved by her compassion for Bates whom she could have just as easily thrown to the wolves(or rather minotaur) for all the atrocities she did.  Her scene with Minotaur was rather heartbreaking as well.  Cordelia has some scenes too which aren’t too interesting though the actress does a great job as does Angela Basset. 

Overall, I really feel for all of the characters here.  In just three episodes they’ve all shown a lot development.  I really hope Madison shows up again some point down the line again as I loved her character, Queenie is definitely showing a lot of potential, Misty is great, and Jessica Lange gives an amazing performance which has left me polarized as to whether I love her or hate her.  Excellent episode.

GRADE:  95% of Awesome


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