American Horror Story: Coven “Fearful Pranks Ensue” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Both versions of Moira are back this week in familiar positions as Alexandra Breckenridge makes her return to AHS and Frances Conroy makes her first appearance since the season premiere.  Neither have a very good episode though, as one ends up dead and the others attempts at bringing down Fiona seem futile.  This episode answers a lot of questions and raises some as well.  We also didn’t have to wait long to learn how Emma Roberts will remain in the series. 

Poor Zoe hardly ever gets any screen time, though it’s probably for the better as her storyline with Kyle is probably the weakest of the bunch.  Not to say the storyline isn’t interesting, but when you compare it the other storylines it hardly hold up.  Still Taissa Farmiga does some great work here. 

Let’s get talking about my beloved and bitchy Madison, last episode she got her throat slit by HBIC(Head Bitch In Charge) Fiona, yet due to Emma Robert’s regular status a lot of people were left wondering what exactly that means.  Is she dead?  Will she become a zombie?  Franken-Madison?  Well we learn through a quick flashback that she’s definitely not supreme, and by the end of the episode we have a pretty good idea of where Madison is going to be for the rest of the season(though that could change).  She’s become Spalding’s new doll, which I predicted after the opening scene of the episode.

Speaking of we learn quite a bit about the enigmatic Spalding in this episode, and in many ways he’s a darker version of Larry from Season One.  Denis O’Hare really brings the creepy in this episode from his love confession to the younger Fiona before his cut off his own tongue(Ewwww) and his creepy cross-dressing tea party with he and his dolls(and the late Madison).  I wonder what will happen once someone finds Madison’s body.  The Spalding developments were great and I’m very curious to see where his character goes from here.

The Witches Council also comes to town, and I hope they’re here to stay.  Well at least Myrtle and Quentin, the other lady didn’t do much.  Frances Conroy is such a badass, god I want to see her and Fiona fight it out.  The way Myrtle breaks down when Spalding writes her name on the paper was epic, and those “I know what you really are” characters who oppose the “hero” always really appeal to me for some reason.  Another bit of the episode I enjoyed was the interaction between Fiona and Quentin.  Also Leslie Jordan’s reaction to Queenie’s kind words of remembrance of Madison was priceless.

Alexandra Breckenridge is back!!!!!!!!  Aw yeah!  I love me some Alexandra Breckenridge and was pumped for her return this week.  Here she plays a woman named Kaylee who met Hank(Cordelia’s husband) via a online forum and there’s a little wam, bam thank…nah actually another bam because Hank shoots her in the head after they have sex.  I totally called it when he was making those really freaky maniacal faces when they were…well y’know, I knew he had to be a creep.  It was still nice to Alexandra Breckenridge again, also the women on AHS seem to fall for serial killers(first Violet, now Cordelia, and Fiona’s said to be starting a relationship with the infamous Axeman in the coming episodes).  So where Hank and Cordelia’s story is heading I really can’t guess, but I’m excited to see what happens and what his motivations are.

There’s a war on the horizon, Voodoo versus Salem.  Unfortunately judging by the next episodes teaser I don’t think Marie will live long enough to see it’s end.  Next week someone’s taking the fall for the death of Madison and is going to get burned at the stake and considering Angela Basset’s recurring status I think it might be her.  I loved the scenes at the salon, the women there seem so nice and normal(and not trying to slit each other’s throats) especially when you compare them the Salem witches.  Still I’m beginning to question how much of a “good guy” Marie really is, she sent the minotaur and subsequently injured Queenie now she’s sent a horde of zombies to a school which contains innocent girls.  I don’t know Marie, I don’t know.

They also seem to be attempting to “redeem” Delphine, and I don’t know how I feel about it so much.  Had she been fictional I might feel differently, but due to her being a real monster I don’t think she deserves redemption.  Kathy Bates does some excellent work here trying to convince you otherwise while handing out the Halloween candy but I think I’ll have to reserve judgement on that.  I do think that no amount of kindness or compassion can truly redeem her at this point, she’s too far gone.

Other events of interest include a possible relationship between Nan and that dude Madison hit on last week, if of course he doesn’t get eaten by the zombies.  Also props to Nan for giving a shit about Madison’s disappearance and alerting the council, you’ve earned yourself some definite brownie points with the Madison Montgomery Fan Club.  Also Cordelia gets watered with an acid like liquid and is pretty naïve about her mother killing Madison.

Best episode of Season Three yet. 

A+ 99% Awesome




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