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I’m keeping good on my promise to update the site more, and now ToastandTelevision has a twitter.  It’s called ToastandTvBlog(caps unknown but it shouldn’t be too hard to find).  Um.. well while I’m posting expect some new coverage for a couple new shows(possibly)


MORE MINDY PROJECT AND CRAZY ONES COVERAGE(By the way check out Mindy Kaling and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s twitter accounts they’re really funny)

Witches of East End

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Also tomorrow I’m debuting a new mysterious feature, that I believe I referred to a long, long time ago in one of my early posts. 



Arrow “State Vs Queen” Review/Major Spoilers

Major Spoilers Follow…

Arrow’s been on a roll this year.  While I wouldn’t exactly praise it to the extent some are(I actually hear the words “Best show on television” and Arrow in the same sentence a lot now), it’s certainly been an enjoyable season filled with some excellent little Easter eggs and a impressive supporting cast.  This week’s episode brings back the unimpressive Joker wannabe Count Vertigo, while putting some extra focus on the conclusion of the trial against Moira Queen.  So did this episode(excuse the puns please, there will always be archery puns in Arrow reviews here, it’s just how it works) hit a bullseye or does it miss the target completely? 

Neither, it was a fairly entertaining forty four minutes of television, but it’s more inline with some of last season’s best episodes than this seasons.  The most interesting parts of the episode don’t really come into play until the final minutes of the episode when it’s revealed Malcolm(now we know why Captain Jack wasn’t in the 50th Anniversery special which I still haven’t seen yet) is alive, Thea is his daughter, and the oh so awesome Brother Blood’s plan in nearing completion.  Moira’s trial was at times quite heated and suspenseful, but for the most part it just kind of felt filler.  Especially when the jury comes to their conclusion, it felt unrealistic that she wouldn’t even get some time for treason.  I know that it happened just so Malcolm’s survival could be revealed, but I would have preferred Malcolm offer her an out during the trial and see her refuse and subsequently be found guilty, and see Malcolm in the crowd watching as she’s escorted into the car.  

Another bit of the trial that felt a bit forced, was Laurel’s part in it.  Her going up against Moira, and then acting all guilty about it was annoying.  Most of my legal knowledge comes from SVU(which we all know is completely accurate), so I’m sure I’m probably wrong here, but couldn’t Laurel have dropped out of the case or even(I know probably illegal and immoral) withheld the information if she felt so bad about doing it.  I don’t know, Laurel’s so called “evolution” this year isn’t exactly endearing her to me as I find her ten times more annoying than last season.

The Vertigo story is basically just an excuse to have a little violence to spice up the episode.  Here more than ever, Vertigo comes off as a complete Joker copycat.  I find that the Count, Deadshot, and China White, are three of the series weakest baddies yet we continue to revisit them over and over and over.  Also the little bit we’ve seen of Blood so far, is getting me pumped to see what’s next for his story. 

The island flashbacks were excellent this week.  The visual of Arrow, Deathstroke, Shado, and Black Canary fighting bad guys together is an epic one for comic fans, and these island flashbacks have been really good as of late.  Overall, this was just an alright episode, it’s still better than the China White/Bronze Tiger episode from this season, but definitely near the bottom of the newest batch of episodes. 

Grade: B- 80%


Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review/MAJOR SPOILERS

Major Spoilers Follow…

While I certainly enjoyed the first “Hunger Games” film, there was definitely something missing.  Some of the smaller tweaks in the first one were pretty distracting to me, the film was good but nothing spectacular.  This film on the other hand surpasses it’s predecessor in most categories, and the changes from the book aren’t too distracting this time around. 

One of the few big issues I had with the film was the portrayal of Peeta.  I was reading an article from this site NPR(reminded me of Orange is the New Black) which stated that Peeta was Katniss’s “movie girlfriend”, and it’s a very accurate but almost an understatement of how useless and cringe inducing Peeta is at times.  He’s dead weight and throughout the film, I rolled my eyes at the numerous instances in which Peeta messes up(there’s another article from a site whose name escapes me that lists all of the times Peeta messes up in the film, it’s great I’d definitely check it out).

Another small thing I had a bit of a problem with was the lack of focus on the pregame festivities such as the Victory Tour and the interaction between the previous game winners.  It was one of my favorite aspects in the book, and it due to  Katniss’s(not nearly as utilized) PTSD in the film it would have been excellent to see her reactions to meeting more of the previous tributes families.  Still the District Eleven scene was excellently portrayed here, and like Rue’s death in the first film I kind of wanted to cry.  Seeing the residents in District Eleven showing their rebellion by raising their hands in salute to Katniss was a powerful image which really stuck with me throughout the rest of the film. 

Despite hearing awful things about Donald Sutherland as a person(Buffy the Vampire Slayer film antics with Joss Wheadon), his acting in this film is superb.  He really comes off as a menacingly passive aggressive but occasionally almost relatable villain in the film.  The scene where he confronts Katniss in her home was amazingly tense and suspenseful.  The scenes with him and his (gran??)daughter were nice in showing that he has another side to him besides cruel dictator. 

The Game’s visuals were stellar and beautiful, and the interaction between Katniss and Johanna and Finnick was great.  Holy shit, Johana.  She’s probably the most badass character in the whole movie, and I know it’s not a traditional ship, I totally ship Katfick(Katniss and Finnick).  Like Johana I found the constant “tick tocks” were a bit annoying.  A small little complaint but I felt they missed out a bit on the battle between Cashmiere and Gloss. 

The film’s ending, like the book, will leave the audience completely stunned, and the book readers hungry for more.  The District 13 reveal felt a bit glossed over though in the end and I could see how one could miss it in the first viewing.  Also it might have been nice to include the women searching for District 13, to help make the reveal seem more deserved. 

Overall it was a really good and entertaining film, not the best movie of all time but this series is definitely surpassing Harry Potter series in the FILM department(I love the Harry Potter books dearly, but the movies quite frankly are pretty cruddy).  Jennifer Lawrence does some fantastic work in this movie as usual, and the cast is overall pretty great.

OVERALL:  92% A-

WINTER IS COMING: Upcoming Additions to the Site…


There are a lot of new features coming to the blog.  I feel pretty bad that the majority of my recent posts have all been focused on “American Horror Story: Coven”, and not much else, but luckily that’s about to change.  In the coming weeks, the site will hopefully have a new design, and a lot of new television coverage.  I’ll start covering “Arrow” with this week’s episode “The Scientist”, I’ll also be reviewing TNT’s new series “Mob City”, “Supernatural”, “Blacklist”‘s mid-season finale, and “Mindy Project”.  Of course there’ll still be the occasional comic book coverage, and coming today is a film review for “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”.  So stay tuned.

American Horror Story: Coven “The Dead” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


This week’s episode title is definitely fitting, as the episode puts a lot of focus on zombies.  Zombie tongues, zombie/ghost love, and most importantly zombie threesomes.  Definitely not something you see on television too often.  While I’m still enjoying this show far more than most other shows on the tele(read with British accent), it’s definitely gone from excellent Emmy material to more of a really entertaining guilty pleasure in these last few weeks. 

The opening scenes of the episode are absolutely amazing, Madison’s speech in particular was pretty (excuse me) deep but not without a bit of dark humor as well(“And I’m like let’s go to Jamba Juice”).  This episode definitely justified all of the revivals which have taken place over the season, which has been a definite concern of mine throughout these last few episodes.  Madison dance with death has left her a lot more giving than she was before.  While the idea of Zoe and Madison together at the same time is definitely pretty damn hot, I couldn’t help but feel it was almost a bit too gimmicky and out there.  Still I thought the threesome scene was done quite tastefully, and I mean Zoe and Madison together AT THE SAME TIME, I can’t really complain(I know I’m terrible).

Queenie feels left out at the academy and heads to see if she has a place with Marie.  I felt this kind of came completely out of no where, seeing how the girls(Madison excluded but she’s just a bitch to everyone) have gone out of their way to try and include her and all this time she’s declined based off the fact she prefers to be on her own.  It just felt very convenient that she’d turn to Marie.  The scenes between her and Delphine are stellar, and Kathy Bates actually makes you almost feel bad for Delphine when she gets taken in by Marie.  Still she killed a baby, so yeah I didn’t feel that bad for her.

The Fiona/Axeman story is actually kind of a bore this week as much as I hate to say it.  Both Lange and Huston work well off each other but it feels like they’re just throwing another storyline out there which won’t have much relevance in the end but who knows.  I’m definitely taking a liking to this new Delia(“We’re gonna kill her dead”) and her badass ways.  It’s interesting seeing a character who was once so blind to the ways of the world around, now literally blinded but able to see more.  Also Hank with all them crazy big guns, damn son, could there be more bloodshed in the coming weeks, based off of the show’s history I’d bet yes. 

Zoe going all badass on Spalding before killing him was incredibly badass(“SAY THE NAME!”), I’d guess Spalding probably isn’t coming back though(I see him being more like Addy from Season One, being the only one to stay dead and maybe show up in a flashback or two to justify his regular status).  The final scene of the episode harkens back to the first scene of the premiere, Marie(in place of Delphine) staring in the mirror and brushing the blood of her torture victim(here Delphine) and being pleased with herself.  It shows how far Marie’s come, from a generally decent natured woman with out for revenge, to a full blow reflection of Delphine(killing innocent Salem witches, planning a mass killing of Salem school, and now she’s starting to be like her more and more. 

Solid episode.

GRADE:  B 85%

American Horror Story: Coven “The Axeman Cometh” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


When I plant a fatass cracker bitch, I expect she stay planted.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to review this weeks episode of Coven, especially considering what happened this week.  Let’s start by talking about the biggest event of the week: the bitch is back.  That’s right Madison lives, and she sure needs a cigarette.  This week’s installment is a bit less suspenseful than previous installments, but there are some crazy developments plot wise this week that definitely help make up for it. 

This week introduces us to what appears to be the show’s new big bad, infamous New Orleans killer known as the Axeman.  Danny Huston’s opening voice over is chilling, and to see him go from sadistic psycho to flirty jazz musician in a matter of minutes was a good way of showing the audience how versatile he is, which presents itself once again at the end of the episode when he begins his seduction of Fiona.  The main problem I had with the flashback was the witch scene where they’re discussing what to do about the Axeman, the acting was for the most part pretty poor and kind of took me out of the scene.  However the witches killing of the Axeman was all sorts of epic. 

In present day Zoe’s evolution from wallflower to complete and utter badass continues, and she and the witches band together to find Madison.  These last two episodes have done a good job of bringing the girls together, and having Zoe take her place as the de facto leader of the Coven.  The interrogation scene with Spalding was great, but it raises the question of what’s next for Spalding and by association Fiona.  Will Spalding stay in the attic, will he go free(which wouldn’t be the brightest idea as he could still very well write Fiona a letter and tell her of the girl’s suspicions), or what?  Nan’s translation of Spalding’s thoughts was great, and Queenie’s bad cop routine was also rather amusing. 

This week’s episode also brings Kyle and Misty back to the forefront.  Deus Ex Misty-a brings back yet another deceased fan favorite this week, and as happy as I am to see Madison back, the whole Misty bringing back everyone thing is getting a bit tedious.  Still the Stevie Nicks fanatic is still a whole lot of fun to watch, and she seems to be much more independent now than she was before.  The “He broke Stevie” line just got me, that Lilly Rabe’s got some damn good comedic timing.  Kyle moans a bit and attacks Misty(and “Stevie”), but not much else, also what is it about women’s tears that gets him to pause and reflect upon his actions? 

Madison’s return was a nice development, and it’s nice to see she’s still her same bitchy self despite seeming a bit out of sorts(who wouldn’t be considering what she’s been through).  I feel like out of all the character’s Madison definitely seems to be the one who most deserves a happy ending considering all she’s been through.  I was pretty overjoyed when she breathed that first breath, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her character.

  We learn some more about Hank’s character this week, and Kaylee(ALEXANDRA BRECKENRIDGE) makes a return appearance.  It’s a real shame that they killed off Kaylee so soon, because based off of those flashbacks she had some definite potential(also Alexandra Breckenridge is awesome).  I rather hope Alexandra Breckenridge returns and has a bigger role next season, though it was at least nice to see her again.  Back on the topic of Hank, we learn he’s been working for Marie the whole time using Delia to hunt witches for the queen of voodoo herself.  Marie’s rant was absolutely the moment of the week(“fatass cracker bitch”  ha).  Cordelia’s confrontation of Hank was a really powerful moment, delivered very well by Sarah Paulson. 

Fiona’s mostly in the background this week, but her chemo scene was heartbreaking and touching.  Fiona assuring the fellow patient that she’ll make it to her daughter’s wedding(like the baby scene) did a good showing that for all of Fiona’s obvious faults(kind of an understatement) she still has some humanity left in her. 

Overall, a really good episode despite it’s faults.  It furthered the storyline a lot, but there were some issues I had with the episode.  Still can’t wait for Wednesday’s new episode.

GRADE:  A- 90% Awesome



Orange is the New Black Season Two: Laura Prepon to return as Alex Vause in FOUR Episodes? SPOILERS


According to Buzzfeed(so take it with a grain of salt because they reported two or three months ago that she would only star in one episode) Laura Prepon will pop up in four episodes of the hit Netflix dramedy as lovable drug dealer and Piper’s ex-love Alex Vause.  They also say she may return as a regular for Season Three.  I’m really excited by this announcement and hope this is the last one, as I’m kind of getting sick of the “will she, won’t she” crud we’ve has to deal with regarding her return.  Four episodes is fine by me.  I love, love, love Laura Prepon and the character of Alex but four is a nice amount of episodes and going off the book( SPOILERS in which Alex only appears in the very beginning and the very end) the show can definitely survive without the character.