American Horror Story: Connie Britton WANTS to Join The Coven!

Aw Yeah!  Celebrate good times c’mon, Connie Britton(who previously starred in Season One of American Horror Story which I finished binge watching last Wednesday) wants to join the Coven.  Connie Britton who currently stars in ABC’s hit drama “Nashville”(Which I am so behind, I need to get caught up on that) has stated she’s in talks to try and figure out if she can guest star in this season of American Horror Story.  She said that she’d really like to work something out her being in Nashville and them in NOLA. 

C’mon ABC and Ryan Murphy make it happen!  I lurved Connie in Season One and I’m loving all the familiar faces popping up(Alexandra Breckenridge mmm…), even if for one episode it would 10000% worth it.  The question is:  who would she play?  A witch, an FBI agent on the search for SPOILER Cordelia’s serial killer husband, a critically acclaimed country music singing witch named Rayna James, Madison’s coke addicted mom, or maybe Misty has a sister or something.  Just bring her back.

*  I feel so strongly I wrote this post in bold.


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