American Horror Story: Coven Episode Five “Burn Witch Burn” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Finally Zoe’s doing something that isn’t just moping about Franken-Kyle.  When the episode opened with Zoe finally taking a stand and doing something, I was quite pleased.  While the Kyle and Zoe storyline certainly has some potential, I feel it’s been a definite weak point in a series of generally amazing episodes this season.  Seeing her take lead of the girls when faced with the zombies is a definite step in the right direction.  I hope we get to see more badass Zoe as the season goes along.  Also how epic was it seeing Zoe Chainsaw Massacre them zombies to bits.

We see a completely new side of Fiona this week, faced with the possibility of Cordelia going blind, Fiona’s a total mess.  It’s quite interesting to see this woman who’s all along had complete and utter control over the situation, who appeared unstoppable and invincible, broken down.  Knowing who Hank really is, it was f*cking amazing to see Fiona give that murdering psycho a little scare.  Speaking of, now what’s next for the happy couple now that Cordelia knows of his affair with Kaylee once she awakens(As earlier mentioned Alexandra Breckenridge will be back in next weeks episode so who knows what’s next for her character).  

Fiona also burns Myrtle Snow(figuratively and literally).  The scene before the council was crazy intense, and as much as I like Myrtle it was pretty interesting to see Fiona turn the tables on her.  The part where I had the problem however was Myrtle’s (short lived) demise.  The show has been killing off and bringing back characters left and right, and as much as I like the characters and don’t wish to see them die, it’s getting a bit old.  All of the deaths have had meaning, but it’s just getting a bit tedious.  It was also nice to see Misty show up again briefly at the end, and I wonder if this will bring Misty into conflict with Fiona.  The reveal of Fiona making Queenie frame Myrtle was genuinely shocking to me though, and I wonder how Queenie reacts when and if she learns that Myrtle(maybe?) is innocent.

What about that opening scene?  Ewww, this scene where we see the total impact of her torture and murders was horrific.  The eyes, the slaves she had chained up in the attic, and her threatening her own daughters.  I loved the scene where Delphine tries to get close with Fiona saying that maybe their similar tragedies could bring them together when Fiona states

Probably not, you’re the maid.

Speaking of creepy scenes in attics we get some more creepy Spalding.  I found it a bit humorous when Zoe suggests they hide in Spalding’s room and he’s just like “No, no way.”.  Poor Madison gets her hand torn off when Spalding tries to get her out of his toy box.  I’m honestly wondering where this story is going to go though, it seems almost inevitable that Madison return at some point in some form and that Spalding might just go down for her murder. 

Overall this episode was great, though it went by way too quick.  Way too many commercials but overall this episode is great and introduces some more plots and powers.  I can’t wait to see what’s next on Coven.

Grade:  A 93%

-More “Dead…or are they”    



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