Agents of Shield “The Hub” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


After a series of mediocre and sleep inducing one off episodes, AOS came back strong last week with “Fzzt”, an emotional high concept episode which has just right amount of humor.  So has it kept up the win streak with this week’s installment?  Yeah I’d say so.

The episode introduces two major characters from the comics:  Jasper Sitwell(who has actually appeared in a few of the Marvel movies as well as the short films) and Victoria(red hair stripes and all).  As well as the HUB, which is beautifully constructed and gives the episode an almost cinematic feel to it.  It was nice to see some small shout outs to the comic this week, and there were some nice little plot developments as well.

When the show started Fitz and Simmons were pretty annoying to be quite honest with you, however with these last two episodes I can safely say their my two favorite characters in the show.  Fitz getting the cart stuck in the door was pretty hilarious, and the exact kind of subtle humor I’d expect from a Joss Wheadon show.  Simmons knocking out Sitwell was also pretty amusing.  Outside of the comedic elements, we actually get to see a more badass version of Fitz this week as he embarks on a mission with Ward.

Ward is definitely the least interesting of the group so far, he just seems like a B-grade Captain America without the suit.  There’s an interesting question raised about Skye parentage which could prove interesting.  The mystery regarding the woman who dropped her at the orphanage leads me to believe she’s likely a pre-existing character but who knows.  Speaking of interesting developments Coulson is pretty much confirmed to be a Doll(from the shortlived Joss Wheadon series “Dollhouse”, which focuses on the fictional Dollhouse which implants personalities and memories into real human beings for the enjoyment of others) when half way through reciting his very own variation of “There are three flowers in a vas”(which is here Tahiti is a magical place) he snaps out of it realizing something’s fishy.  What really lies in Tahiti remains a mystery, but I’d bet money the idea stems from Dollhouse with a mix of LMDs. 

This weeks installment did a nice job of raising the stakes with some interesting plot developments, and fun character interaction.  There’s a lot less focus on the humor which definitely helps, but when they do have humor it works well.  Ward and May seem to be there just to be badass, with no real characterization whatsoever.  Meanwhile Fitz and Simmons are proving their worth as the show’s two strongest characters.

GRADE:  B+ 88% Awesome


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