American Horror Story: Coven “The Axeman Cometh” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


When I plant a fatass cracker bitch, I expect she stay planted.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to review this weeks episode of Coven, especially considering what happened this week.  Let’s start by talking about the biggest event of the week: the bitch is back.  That’s right Madison lives, and she sure needs a cigarette.  This week’s installment is a bit less suspenseful than previous installments, but there are some crazy developments plot wise this week that definitely help make up for it. 

This week introduces us to what appears to be the show’s new big bad, infamous New Orleans killer known as the Axeman.  Danny Huston’s opening voice over is chilling, and to see him go from sadistic psycho to flirty jazz musician in a matter of minutes was a good way of showing the audience how versatile he is, which presents itself once again at the end of the episode when he begins his seduction of Fiona.  The main problem I had with the flashback was the witch scene where they’re discussing what to do about the Axeman, the acting was for the most part pretty poor and kind of took me out of the scene.  However the witches killing of the Axeman was all sorts of epic. 

In present day Zoe’s evolution from wallflower to complete and utter badass continues, and she and the witches band together to find Madison.  These last two episodes have done a good job of bringing the girls together, and having Zoe take her place as the de facto leader of the Coven.  The interrogation scene with Spalding was great, but it raises the question of what’s next for Spalding and by association Fiona.  Will Spalding stay in the attic, will he go free(which wouldn’t be the brightest idea as he could still very well write Fiona a letter and tell her of the girl’s suspicions), or what?  Nan’s translation of Spalding’s thoughts was great, and Queenie’s bad cop routine was also rather amusing. 

This week’s episode also brings Kyle and Misty back to the forefront.  Deus Ex Misty-a brings back yet another deceased fan favorite this week, and as happy as I am to see Madison back, the whole Misty bringing back everyone thing is getting a bit tedious.  Still the Stevie Nicks fanatic is still a whole lot of fun to watch, and she seems to be much more independent now than she was before.  The “He broke Stevie” line just got me, that Lilly Rabe’s got some damn good comedic timing.  Kyle moans a bit and attacks Misty(and “Stevie”), but not much else, also what is it about women’s tears that gets him to pause and reflect upon his actions? 

Madison’s return was a nice development, and it’s nice to see she’s still her same bitchy self despite seeming a bit out of sorts(who wouldn’t be considering what she’s been through).  I feel like out of all the character’s Madison definitely seems to be the one who most deserves a happy ending considering all she’s been through.  I was pretty overjoyed when she breathed that first breath, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for her character.

  We learn some more about Hank’s character this week, and Kaylee(ALEXANDRA BRECKENRIDGE) makes a return appearance.  It’s a real shame that they killed off Kaylee so soon, because based off of those flashbacks she had some definite potential(also Alexandra Breckenridge is awesome).  I rather hope Alexandra Breckenridge returns and has a bigger role next season, though it was at least nice to see her again.  Back on the topic of Hank, we learn he’s been working for Marie the whole time using Delia to hunt witches for the queen of voodoo herself.  Marie’s rant was absolutely the moment of the week(“fatass cracker bitch”  ha).  Cordelia’s confrontation of Hank was a really powerful moment, delivered very well by Sarah Paulson. 

Fiona’s mostly in the background this week, but her chemo scene was heartbreaking and touching.  Fiona assuring the fellow patient that she’ll make it to her daughter’s wedding(like the baby scene) did a good showing that for all of Fiona’s obvious faults(kind of an understatement) she still has some humanity left in her. 

Overall, a really good episode despite it’s faults.  It furthered the storyline a lot, but there were some issues I had with the episode.  Still can’t wait for Wednesday’s new episode.

GRADE:  A- 90% Awesome




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