American Horror Story: Coven “The Dead” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


This week’s episode title is definitely fitting, as the episode puts a lot of focus on zombies.  Zombie tongues, zombie/ghost love, and most importantly zombie threesomes.  Definitely not something you see on television too often.  While I’m still enjoying this show far more than most other shows on the tele(read with British accent), it’s definitely gone from excellent Emmy material to more of a really entertaining guilty pleasure in these last few weeks. 

The opening scenes of the episode are absolutely amazing, Madison’s speech in particular was pretty (excuse me) deep but not without a bit of dark humor as well(“And I’m like let’s go to Jamba Juice”).  This episode definitely justified all of the revivals which have taken place over the season, which has been a definite concern of mine throughout these last few episodes.  Madison dance with death has left her a lot more giving than she was before.  While the idea of Zoe and Madison together at the same time is definitely pretty damn hot, I couldn’t help but feel it was almost a bit too gimmicky and out there.  Still I thought the threesome scene was done quite tastefully, and I mean Zoe and Madison together AT THE SAME TIME, I can’t really complain(I know I’m terrible).

Queenie feels left out at the academy and heads to see if she has a place with Marie.  I felt this kind of came completely out of no where, seeing how the girls(Madison excluded but she’s just a bitch to everyone) have gone out of their way to try and include her and all this time she’s declined based off the fact she prefers to be on her own.  It just felt very convenient that she’d turn to Marie.  The scenes between her and Delphine are stellar, and Kathy Bates actually makes you almost feel bad for Delphine when she gets taken in by Marie.  Still she killed a baby, so yeah I didn’t feel that bad for her.

The Fiona/Axeman story is actually kind of a bore this week as much as I hate to say it.  Both Lange and Huston work well off each other but it feels like they’re just throwing another storyline out there which won’t have much relevance in the end but who knows.  I’m definitely taking a liking to this new Delia(“We’re gonna kill her dead”) and her badass ways.  It’s interesting seeing a character who was once so blind to the ways of the world around, now literally blinded but able to see more.  Also Hank with all them crazy big guns, damn son, could there be more bloodshed in the coming weeks, based off of the show’s history I’d bet yes. 

Zoe going all badass on Spalding before killing him was incredibly badass(“SAY THE NAME!”), I’d guess Spalding probably isn’t coming back though(I see him being more like Addy from Season One, being the only one to stay dead and maybe show up in a flashback or two to justify his regular status).  The final scene of the episode harkens back to the first scene of the premiere, Marie(in place of Delphine) staring in the mirror and brushing the blood of her torture victim(here Delphine) and being pleased with herself.  It shows how far Marie’s come, from a generally decent natured woman with out for revenge, to a full blow reflection of Delphine(killing innocent Salem witches, planning a mass killing of Salem school, and now she’s starting to be like her more and more. 

Solid episode.

GRADE:  B 85%


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