Homeland Season Three: Um…What?


In the style of my previous Dexter rants, cometh Homeland:  The Rant!  So before I begin let me start by saying I really liked Season Two.  Was it as good as Season One?  No, but it was still really good.  I had high hopes for Season Three, but those hopes more or less lead to disappointment.  This season feels as if it’s just a bunch of rehashes of previous stories molded into one big boring storyline.

LANA 4EVER(Leo + Dana=Wasted Screen Time):  Dana’s Relationships

The main problems with the initial episodes have been beaten to death, but I’ll repeat it.  Dana.  Now, in the previous seasons I actually liked Dana as a background character, who’s interaction with her father was extremely engaging and suspenseful.  However when the vice president’s god awful son came into the mix, Dana started to take up valuable time with her uninteresting and aggravating love/hit and run story line(I was so happy when Finn blew up in the finale.  Is that bad?).  Then because absolutely no one demanded it, we introduce another edgy and mysterious love interest for Dana:  Leo.  I like Sam Underwood, he did a good job with what he was given in Dexter, and his final episode and his acting made you like the character, but just no to Leo.  I mean what drove the writer’s to introduce yet another tortured love interest for Dana to fall for?  Bring back Xander please. 

Saul’s A Jerk!

Need to suddenly turn a character into a jerk, without any actual storyline showing him getting there?  Better call Saul!  I don’t know about you, but the constant force feeding of Saul’s a jerk, CODY 4EVER(Carrie, Brody) has felt really forced.  Not much else to say.

So Now We’re Going To…No Wait We’re Gonna..or Maybe:  The Writing’s Direction is Nowhere

This year at the Showtime writing summit, all of it’s shows writers were given a simple direction:  HAVE NO DIRECTION WHATSOEVER, INTRODUCE STORYLINES AND THEN GET RID OF THEM THE NEXT EPISODE( #goodwriting).  Not as bad as Dexter Season Eight’s lack of direction, but bad nonetheless. 

CRAZY CARRIE(And also bipolar disorder is something you can turn on and off at will like a lamp!)

The whole look at Carrie, aint she cray-cray storyline at the beginning of the season was aggravating enough, but when the reveal came that she was basically faking it came along, I was just like “The ****?”.  Before we get to that though, even if she wasn’t faking it the storyline was just kind of “Really?”.  Now that’s not to say  Carrie’s bipolar disorder isn’t interesting to touch upon from time to time.  It is, but in doses.  The storyline needs to take a long, long break.  Now onto the whole faking it part, I’m sure it wasn’t the writer’s intent to offend anyone but it just felt in bad taste to basically make it like that’s something one can just turn on and off. 

Chris Brody, The Invisible Child

Oh poor Chris.  Not a major con, as it is kind of hilarious, but absolutely none of the characters care about you at all.  In the latest episode Brody’s inspiration for coming back is Carrie and Dana, sorry Chris.  At least with Morena Baccarin she kind of cheated on him and he doesn’t really love her, but Chris, eh whatever.


This season’s just been kind of a mess, which is why I haven’t been covering it.  If I find at any point it begins to improve I’ll start covering it again, but as of now enjoy this post.


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