What a truly excellent film.  Just the other week I was saying how rare it is I go and see a movie that actually leaves an impact on me.  One that I’ll want to tell everyone about, how they need to see it, a movie that makes me laugh and sometimes gives me the sudden urge to cry.  That movie my friends is Disney’s “Frozen”.  This is without a doubt one of the best animated Disney films I’ve seen(not a huge fan of Toy Story sorry).  If you don’t laugh or get the sudden urge to cry you’re probably dead on the inside. 

The musical aspect of the film was not overplayed at all(unless your one who’s masculinity is easily insulted by musical numbers like my brother).  The song’s also have a lot of depth and meaning.  “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” in particular, that song really left me stunned, the lyrics and delivery were so heartfelt I wanted to cry.  Kristen Bell’s(VERONICA MARS!) singing abilities came as a real shock to me, she was spectacular, if she doesn’t win some award for this there is no justice in the world. 

All of the promotional things I saw had led me to believe Elsa was the focus of the film, so it came as a real surprise when Anna ended up being the hero of the story.  Anna, what an amazing character.  She’s not your typical “princess” and that’s what makes her so great.  Her imperfections endear her to you right away, she’s like no Disney “princess” that’s come before.  She doesn’t need shoot arrows or say how she hates being a princess to make her a strong character, she shows that without making a big deal out of it, that’s one thing that really stood out about her.  That’s not to say anything against “Brave”, but that movie sole purpose was the fact they had strong female character who took charge, this movie does that without it being flashy or showing Anna as some invincible force who was able to save all of the land on her own. 

The film’s ending was another pleasant surprise.  It was a nice change to see that the act of love needed to save Anna wasn’t romantic.  Also Kristoff poking fun at the “love at first sight” trope was excellent.  Besides Elsa and Anna, the film is filled with an excellent supporting cast.  Olaf, was hilarious and his interactions with the other characters is the main comedic draw of the film, Kristoff, like Anna is not your typical “prince charming” and that’s what made him so great, and while not necessarily a huge surprise Hans being the villain was an excellent twist. 

Overall, this film was absolutely stunning.  From beginning to end Frozen entertained with a mix of comedy and emotion that anyone should enjoy.

GRADE:  A++++++  100%



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