Supernatural “Holy Terror” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Holy sh*t.  Supernatural is back baby!  I’ve absolutely loved this season so far, this is the most consistent and exciting Supernatural has been since Season Five.  “Holy Terror” gets things geared up for the coming angel war with the return of Metatron and a reveal regarding Dean’s new angel buddy Ezekiel.  This is the Supernatural I’ve been waiting for.  “Holy Terror” indeed. 

Now for all of the episodes rights, there were a few minor complaints I have. One of them has been very noticeable throughout the season and that’s the EVIL angels and their overacting, I mean can we draw mustaches on them and have them end each sentence with a maniacal laugh just to make sure the audience is aware of their evilness? The standoff with those angel crews in the middle of episode in particular was laughably overacted. Another smaller issue I had was Metatron’s god-name being X, it just felt kind of cheesy.

Now to the good. The opening scene with the choir group angels massacring the biker angels, was incredibly chilling and one of the best opening sequences of Supernatural I’ve seen in a long time. The episode definitely delivers some shocks, like the not so much surprising but crazy death of Kevin. I had been predicting Kevin would bite it in the finale, but it didn’t make the death any less sad. When Kevin first came on the screen he was very annoying, however in these last two seasons Kevin has gone through an excellent character evolution. Also his death made the whole “I always trust you, and I always get screwed over because of it” line so much more tragic.

I’m still not totally sold on Metatron, but he and “Ezekiel” working together could prove to be the most menacing threat the brothers(?) have faced since Lucifer. The “Ezekiel” reveal actually did shock me a bit, I had begun suspecting there was something “‘Zeke” was holding out on, but this was definitely not it. Also Sam’s gone? I do wonder how long they can keep this up for? I assume this will be how they bring back Tamoh Penikett(as he’s supposed to be recurring).

Castiel is an angel again, which in one way is cool but I was also loving his human storyline. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the end of his job at that gas station and human traits. Britt Irvin(Smallville’s Stargirl) did a real good job as that angel.

Overall, this was a great midseason finale, and I’m excited to see what’s next for the world of Supernatural(I know Garth’s coming back, and their introducing Cain which all sounds good).


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