American Horror Story: Coven “Head” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


I’ve determined that it’s best to just watch and enjoy Coven while it’s on, and then just don’t think about it at all.  Because the moment you think about it, the moment you realize the f*ckery that is this show.  Now that’s not to say I haven’t been really entertained by all the bitchy one liners, and bizarre plot twists, but this show has just kind of become all style and no substance.  I’m not saying I’m expecting something uber-realistic and deep from the show that’s brought us zombies threesomes and zombie-alligator attacks, but couldn’t they find a way to make a solid mix? 

Another issue I’m having is that there are only FOUR episodes left, one of which is Stevie Nick’s acting debut, and there are a ton of storylines that need resolving.  Axeman, Zoe/Kyle/Madison, Spalding’s ghost, Fiona’s cancer, and the Supreme just to name a few.  Can they really resolve them all, and do justice to them in just four episode?  I’d wager no, but we’ll have to see what the writers have in store for us. 

Now on the more positive side of things, I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the last two.  Cordelia’s character has definitely risen up to be one of the most interesting of the bunch, her scene where she drops the glass was so sad I just wanted to give her a hug, and her interaction with Misty was superb and definitely did a great job of conveying the girl power feel the season’s been trying to convey. 

Frances Conroy has done a brilliant job as Myrtle, but as humorous as it was seeing her clap with the hands of the two dead Witch Council member’s hands I felt the whole thing came off as a bit out of character.  While Myrtle has definitely been loony, especially after she was brought back, the idea of her murdering and cutting up Quincy(shame I was hoping to see more Fiona Quincy scenes) and Pemberton definitely just seemed like a attention grab.  However like I said she’s been great with her over the top performances and the role in the hands of the wrong actress could have been extremely annoying.

Speaking of the right actress doing wonders for a role that could just as easily been boring and underdeveloped, comes Angela Basset as Marie.  As enjoyable as her quips have been her character, as well as the other salon workers and friends have been completely underdeveloped.  It’s something I didn’t really notice till this episode when they all got killed(save Marie), of the workers only one has had any dialogue this whole season(the one in the Halloween special).  Angela and Jessica’s scenes have been spectacular this season, and one can only hope now that they’re working together that we get to see more of them.  Also how great would it be to see Myrtle and Marie interact? 

The neighbors storyline just feels completely unnecessary, with all these storylines going on do we really need to focus on the neighbors who no one cares about.  I just didn’t feel all that sad when Patti LaPone’s character pillowed her son to death, and I don’t really get why they brought her character back outside of her being Patti LaPone.  We don’t get much of Zoe and Madison, but since I didn’t review last week I’m going to share a little theory I have.  So last week Madison didn’t really start crying till Zoe told Kyle she loved him, and the week before Madison seemed more interested in getting with Zoe than Kyle when she showed up in the bathroom, and Zoe’s been the closest thing she’s had to a friend since her time at the Academy.  Maybe she’s in love with Zoe?  I don’t know just throwing it out there. 

The Hank scenes are real standouts in the episode.  Also Mike Colter from Ringer(My other favorite short lived guilty pleasure) guest stars as a witch hunter and may show up in future episodes so there’s a plus.  Was it just me or did Delphi remind anyone of Wolfram & Hart from Angel?  Yeah, Hank was great this week and it was nice to see he did really have feelings for Delia in the end. 

I’ve heard a lot of people found the final scene offensive, but I actually thought it was kind of powerful(that or I just really loved that song “Oh Freedom”).  Even though I know Queenie will be alive by two episode’s time, I was still screaming when I saw her get shot.  Then when she kills Hank, what an epic moment I mean that’s the coolest kill all season without a doubt.  Great special affects there too.

Oh silly Kyle.  Evan Peter’s reaction to the doggy was priceless, and I wonder now that he’s smarter how he’ll react to Zoe and Madison.  Jessica Lange is great as always. 

Overall, this was a decent episode but it’s hard to imagine it’ll have any huge consequences considering all of the dead-alive twists this season.  I also feel like this show is better in binges.

Grade:  B- 82%


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