Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Gunn, god damn it!  I was so pumped for J. August Richards return this week, and it didn’t disappoint till you know, he gets blown up at the end of it.  This was seriously like the best episode they’ve had all season and you want to know why?  Charles motherf*cking Gunn returned, and was straight up badass.  It’s not just that though, the whole entire episode had a feel reminiscent of “Angel”, the sets, the humor, and well J. August Richards.

J. August Richards’ return doesn’t disappoint, except for the fact that he may have died at the end.  The interaction between him and the rest of the cast was great, and damn couldn’t he be the shows macho man instead Special Agent Cardboard.. err I mean Ward.  Not that I really have a problem with the actor playing Ward, but the character’s as interesting as drying paint and dying grass. 

Now outside of Mike/Gunn, most of the characters shine here(except for CardWard, and May, the boring badasses with no personalities).  I don’t get all the hate for Sky, I like that she adds a more human side to the show, and thanks for someone finally pointing out that this whole “telepath’s don’t exist” bullshit is well bullshit.  I’ve been enjoying Fitz and Simmons since “Fzzt”, and nothings really changed there.  Gemma’s crush on Gunn(Mike, but really he’s Gunn) was great.  Isn’t Gemma just perfect?  If this weeks episode showed anything it’s that, if the show had focuses on Gunn, Fitz, Simmons, and you know what judge me all you want but Skye, it’d be much better. 

One issue I’ve had with the show, surprisingly, is Coulson.  He just kind of comes off as douche all the time.  I get he’s our tie-in to the movies, but he just seems so different and less fun on this show.  The prison breakout scene was pretty cool, and the villains seem interesting enough.  The only thing about the cliffhanger that really excited me was that we’ll find out what Tahiti is, and I was quite pissed about Gunn’s death(BRING HIM BACK!).

Overall, very fun episode.  This show should be retooled as “Agents of Gunn”, and focus on him, Fitz, Simmons, and Skye.  The best way to view this show is by forgetting it’s a COMIC SHOW, once you do that you can enjoy it a bit more. 

 GRADE:  B 86% 


Good work here, but you could use a bit more Gunn, and Gemma.  Also Fitz. 


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