Arrow “The Scientist” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Arrow’s sure been a lot of fun this season.  Last season was quite frankly pretty awful save for a few episodes, but as of so far there have really only been two episodes I haven’t enjoyed that much(one of them wasn’t even that bad).  This week’s episode gives us a lot of big changes going forward, Shado is dead(I really liked her and the actress), Slade is alive and Brother Blood is working for him, the Flash is born, and just a lot of in general fun scenes. 

One of the nice things about this episode was the brief return of Tommy Merlyn, Colin Donnel and Thea’s actress in terms of main cast carried the first season for me, and I was quite sad when they killed him off.  Even if it was just for that brief moment, Tommy’s return was excellently done and felt well deserved.  I feel like that return felt very natural, and almost inevitable seeing as how Tommy’s legacy has been a huge arc this season(reminds me a bit of Doakes’s appearance in the Season Seven Finale of Dexter).  Hopefully we get some more Tommy, or at the very least Colin gets some more regular television work.

Another highlight was Manu Bennet.  Is he one badass mofo or what?  I mean he ripped a guy’s heart out of his chest?  I’m excited to see Deathstroke step up as this season’s big bad, but good god was his present day appearance the most ridiculous thing ever or what?  I mean were the white highlights really necessary, also that eye-patch looked pretty fake.  Anyways though, Manu Bennet=badass. 

Barry Allen’s been cool enough these last two episodes, and the cliffhanger has me really pumped for the Flash series next year(we have to wait till fall of 2014 to get see what happens next, why!!!!!!!?).  I like Felicity, but I feel like the character has been a bit of a week spot this season.  I REALLY REALLY don’t want Olicity to be a thing, like please no, never.  Farricity is slightly better, but I don’t know her romances just don’t interest me much.  I still really like the actress but I don’t know. 

Did you miss Laurel last week?  No, well she’s back and does pretty much nothing.  It sucks Laurel is pretty much the opposite of Batman, because I really loved Katie Cassidy in Supernatural, and the character would be ten times better and believable if she brought that fierce sexiness she brought to Ruby to Laurel.  Also if they gave the character better writing that might help too.

Thea, Roy, and Sin are proving to be a nice little junior group of Super Friends.  Cyrus “Grundy” Gold is a pretty badass foe, and I hope he shows up from time to time just to knock Arrow around a bit(showing him robbing a bank or something, don’t devote a whole episode to it).  Brother Blood seems a bit weak in this episode, probably because it’s revealed he’s basically Slade’s pawn.  Another thing that pisses me off is that cop guy, Quentin is like the only competent cop you have and you get all annoyed because he’s bringing you information. 

Overall, this was a really great episode lots of fun. 

OVERALL:  A- 90%




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