Homeland SPOILERS: Morena Baccarin and Morgan Saylor No Longer Regulars, The Internet Sighs in Relief, and Chris Brody Takes the Spotlight in Season 4.



Morena Baccarin(Mrs. Brody) and Morgan Saylor(who plays fan favorite character Dana Brody) have been downed to potential guest-recurring for the Fourth Season.  Does this maybe spoil Brody’s finale fate?  Both were pretty talented, especially Morena, but I can’t say I’m particularly sad to see either character go(Specially Dana).  Morena’s exit likely has to do with her pregnancy as well, and maybe the writers realized fans weren’t so keen on Dana’s love stories. 

In other news the writers have revealed one Brody will be taking center stage in the fourth season.  “The thing [the critics] haven’t really thought about when it comes to Chris, is that this is a show filled with espionage.  Which raises the question, what is Chris doing when absolutely no one is giving a shit about his character?  It’s a question we’ll answer in the fourth season.” says EP Howard Gordon, who previously worked on 24.  LOL, just kidding, no ones started caring about Chris, but seriously no more Dana love storylines guys!  However with that comes the sadness that is no more Jess:(, and I did like Dana’s scenes with Brody but really no other ones.  So merry Christmas/Kwanza/Hanukkah guys, from Homeland to you no more Leos or Finns! 


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