Homeland “The Star” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


It was always about him.

After a season filled with disappoint, Homeland turns it around with an episode I’ll remember for a while to come.  “The Star” is a game changing but completely necessary swan song to Nicholas Brody.  The episode regains the shows suspenseful feel which it’s been missing for some time now, it does the unthinkable but the 100% necessary thing and kills of the lead character. 

The episode is filled with powerful and emotional scenes, but the one that stands out in particular isn’t even between Carrie and Brody.  The scene where a desperate Carrie pleads with Javadi to free Brody, was heartbreaking and superbly written.  The dialogue and acting in the scene is top notch, and I honestly almost cried.  I really need to rewatch the episode to get the whole speech written down, but the scene was just excellent. 

The scenes with Brody and Carrie within the safe house were also great.  The scene itself pointed out exactly why Brody needed to die.  Brody’s family would never be able to trust him, nor the public,  and Brody wouldn’t even be able to show his face in public.  The Brody and Carrie romance has been doomed from the beginning, but the Langly bombing was the real end of it.  So if Brody survived this season what would be the point?  The story needed to end, and oh did it. 

Brody’s death was incredibly tragic, even though he was a terrorist.  The scene where Brody is raised up by the crane and Carrie climbs the fence and screams his name, oh god the feels.  Even up to that point I was unsure if the writers would truly kill off the lead, but they did.  They did it, and they weren’t going to apologize for it, or leave it to the viewers interpretation.  Nicholas Brody is dead, but he died with dignity and even some redemption. 

Another aspect I liked was that they didn’t exactly blame Saul for everything, and paint him as the villain as they had all season.  Saul left an impact on the CIA, and there was no Carrie telling Saul off or any of that bullshit.  Saul tried his best to save Brody, but in the end he couldn’t, and even if he did what would have happened next.  I don’t know if Saul will be a regular next year, but I liked that in the end they let him go without having anyone tell him how wrong he’s been. 

The epilogue sets up a lot for Season Four of the series.  Peter Quinn best be a regular next season, that guy is a straight up bamf.  I’m intrigued by the whole Istanbul storyline they seem to be setting up.  I don’t know how I feel about the baby, usually when babies introduced into the show it’s mostly as plot device and they’re pretty much ignored till the plot demands it.  So I’m kind of hoping the baby stays with her sister and dad, and pops up from time to time.  Let’s hope this one doesn’t have the same taste in men as her sister, and well yeah her mother too. 

Overall, this was an excellent episode.  Exciting from beginning to end, I can only hope the Fourth Season is more like this episode rather than the rest of Season Three.
One final thing of importance is the final titular scene. Carrie feeling that Brody sure earned his star, goes to the wall and draws on for it. It was beautiful, it really was. Excellent scene.

OVERALL:  A+ 100%  Not perfect but damn close enough that I felt “hell let’s just give it a hundred and call it a day”.



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