American Horror Story Coven: The Good, The Bad, and the Wicked


“American Horror Story: Coven” while incredibly entertaining, has gone from sharply written jaw dropping fun to mostly just jaw dropping twists.  It’s still the show I look forward to most each week, just because of the fantastic cast and crazy fun, but the show’s writing has definitely taken a toll these last few weeks.  So what have I loved about this season and what have I hated?  Read further!

The Good

  1. Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery

It shouldn’t come as a surprise(bitch!) that Emma Roberts performance as Madison Montgomery has been the breakout performance of the season.  From her first scene in episode one, I was hooked to her character.  Watching her intently to see what crazy stunt or bitchy quip she’d come up with next.  Emma Roberts has been able to convey a wide range of emotions, and clearly gives it her all in each every scene she performs in, and it shows.  I can only hope that Emma Roberts is back for Season Four. 

   2.  The Cast in General

There really isn’t weak link in the cast.  I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Gabourey Sidibe’s work on the show, but I personally have loved her work.  Taissa Farmiga transitions great from wallflower witch to badass.  Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Angela Basset’s names alone should explain their work.  Lily Rabe’s perfect as the sweet swamp witch Misty, and her southern accent sounds as if it was natural.  As uninteresting as the Kyle storyline has been, Evan Peters has absolutely killed it as Kyle.  Seriously, the emotion he’s able to portray is superb.  Jamie Brewer also does some great work here, and I particularly enjoyed her translating Spalding, one of the best scenes of the season. 

The supporting cast is just as great.  Alexandra Breckenridge popping up in two episodes was great, and I need her back next year.  Hank’s actor has done some excellent work as well, but I got to wonder given the similarities between him and Dylan McDermott, do you think he was cast because Dylan was busy with Hostages?  Regardless he’s been great. 

           3. Directorial Risks

The directors have taken a lot of risks with the visuals of the series.  The shots and effects have been great. 

         4.  Entertaining

Despite some of the weaker aspects the show still manages to entertain me each and every week. 

       THE BAD

   -1. To Much in To Little Time It seems as if with each new episode there’s a new storyline being introduced, and if the show wasn’t a 13 episode mini-series that’d be great, but here we are Episode Nine of Thirteen, and there are still so many storylines that haven’t been resolved. What happened to the Axeman? Is that storyline going to resolve itself, or will the character just be forgotten? With just four episodes left, I don’t see them being able to wrap it all up in a satisfying way.
-2. Family Next Door Luke and his mother, who’s played by Patti LaPone, have been two of the most aggravating aspects of the season. They just aren’t interesting! I also don’t get why they even brought the mother back, outside of her being played by Patti LaPone.
-3. Should’ve Been Extended Into Two Seasons I know the whole point of the series is it’s anthology style, and each story is a new one, but this particular one should have been stretched out into two seasons. The characters and storylines are too big to just be rushed in one season of thirteen episodes. By “Murder House” episode nine you could already feel that the story was winding down, this show it seems like we have another dozen or so episodes left.
-4. To Much Humor, Not Enough Story While I’ve absolutely loved the humor this season, I feel like they’re kind of overdoing it a bit. The story seems to be coming second to the witty one liners. There needs to be a balance there between story and humor, and there isn’t.
The season while entertaining has definitely been lacking. The cast, the ideas, and the humor is spot on. Even the ideas are in the right place, but when it comes down to the execution of the stories it’s been really off. Hopefully these final episodes are able to steer the series in the right direction, and hopefully next season is a bit more focused.


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