American Hustle Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Man I was so hyped for this movie.  So hyped, I had been talking about it for weeks, and how it would be the movie of the year, and now I’ve seen it.  Perfect cast, damn good music, interesting plot, and made by the people who made “Silver Linings Playbook”!  Surely this couldn’t disappoint, and I’m sure for most people it didn’t, but for me personally the movie didn’t even come close to living up to my larger than life expectations. 

Part of that I’m sure is my fault because I had hyped it up so much, but a lot of that was the movies fault too.  It just wasn’t that good, the story was long drawn out and quite frankly not that interesting, there was no real suspense, no real shock, and it wasn’t even funny!  I kept trying to figure out what kind of movie this was, and by the end of it I still don’t know.  There were a few laughs, the cast and the soundtrack was absolutely brilliant, but the movie just didn’t really seem to have much of a purpose.  I wanted to love this movie so much, I really did, but I can’t.  This movie had so much potential but it just didn’t utilize it.  The story while interesting in theory grows old really quickly, it wasn’t really funny aside from a few scenes(which can mostly be credited to the dynamic between Louis C.K. and Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence who just owns her scenes), and it wasn’t really a thriller or a period piece either. 

The acting is absolutely amazing though.  The cast was absolutely brilliant.  In particular Jennifer Lawrence, Louis C.K., Bradley Cooper, and even Jeremy Renner really stood out here.  Jeremy Renner’s performance came as a real surprise to me, being that in the few things I’ve seen him in I haven’t really been a fan.  Here though, he absolutely kills it.  He really makes you feel for the character.  Jennifer Lawrence did a great job here, I also enjoyed Elizabeth Rohm(Kate Lockley from “Angel” and was also the D.A. on “Law and Order”) in the little bits of the film she’s in.  The Louis C.K. and Bradley Cooper dynamic was one of the strongest of the film. 

Christian Bale also undergoes a great transformation in the film, and is almost unrecognizable as the lead.  However I just didn’t like he or Amy Adam’s characters as much as I like them as actors.  Throughout the film, I feel like we’re supposed to empathize with them, but I just couldn’t.  The narration also grows old real fast. 

Overall, the move was just okay.  It’s not one I’d ever care to watch again unlike “Silver Linings Playbook”, it wasn’t terrible, but it surely wasn’t great.  Again it’s just my opinion, I’m aware a lot of people would probably disagree.  However in the end this movie just not that great.

Grade:  C 75%


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