Community Season 5 Premiere Review


The Greendale gang is back(without Pierce, or are they??????), and they’ve returned to their roots.  With a mix of new and old Community season five is sure to please new and old fans alike(that’s the Winger guarantee).  Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna are back and they’ve brought a load of cool people along with them(BRIE LARSON RETURNS IN EPISODE SIX!  ER MAH GERD!  Jonathan Banks is going to be in ELEVEN EPISODES).  If these first two episodes are any sign of things, we’re in for a real treat this season.

“Repilot” is a lot of meta fun.  The episode makes you feel as if Community had been cancelled and then brought back a few years later, a lot has changed.  The whole study group has new jobs, and Jeff’s whole lawyer gig didn’t exactly pan out. The first episode provides a lot of nice nostalgia for fans of the show, and even includes a surprise appearance from Jedi Pierce(I was convinced I wouldn’t miss Pierce after hearing about the whole Chevy Chase debacle, but when he popped up on the screen I almost wanted to cry).

Some of the highlights of the premiere include the Chase cameo, the extremely meta scene where Troy gets mad at Zach Braff for leaving in the final season after only six episodes(“After all Scrubs did for him”), the scene were we learn about the groups new jobs(the Annie part in particular), the final scene where they all agree on one thing(they’ll always try and convince Britta to changed majors),”Greendale was ranked second best community college in the country by Greendale Community” and they should have Zach Braff end every episode of Community. 

The second half hour was pretty good, but I didn’t enjoy it as much mostly(surprisingly) due to the Nicholas Cage storyline.  I love a good Nicholas Cage joke, but this just wasn’t particularly funny(except for the part where Community reveals the secret about Nicholas Cage, he’s Jesus, that was hilarious).  Jonathan Banks is great as Professor Hicky, and does a good job of replacing Pierce as the older guy while being completely different.  Jeff’s speech at the end of the episode was great.  Yvette Cole Brown also deserves a mention here, she’s really great, I love her so much, she’s so sweet(also she likes Hellraiser which I found hilarious). 

Overall, this was a stellar opening.  Season Five looks to be shaping up be a great one. 

GRADE:  A- 92% Average combined from both episodes


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