The Mindy Project Winter Premiere Review


Mindy Project and all of my other favorite programs are back, and so is Toastandtelevision!  The winter opener focuses on Mindy seeking the help of Danny to lose weight for Cliff, and Peter taking control of the office!  Did the opener meets the levels of previously established awesome?  Read on to find out(SPOILER ALERT:  It did, sort of).  

The main plot of the episode is about Mindy working out alongside Danny, and it was absolutely hilarious.  Some of the specific highlights were when Danny decides to inspire Mindy with the use of pop culture(“I’m going to save you Leo, you don’t deserve to die”, “You just killed an American sweet heart”, “I can’t, I’ll just go on Scott Peterson’s boat”).  The steam room scene was also pretty great.  The dynamic between Kaling and Messina is great, and their scenes really shined this week. 

The subplot is about Peter, and for the most part wasn’t that great.  There were a few funny moments(what Jeremy was really up to really stood out, as did Peter and Tamra’s “Obama-bump”), but for the most part the scenes just felt filler.  Also, why has Betsy been in like none of the episodes lately?  I mean she’s been there, but they haven’t really been doing ANYTHING with her character. 

Overall, this was a good fun episode but it wasn’t a good as some of the other standouts this season.  Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina killed it this week, and the cast overall did a great job, but the side story was a bit lackluster compared to the main storyline. 

OVERALL:  B+ 88%


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