PROMOS: Reviews Coming Soon to the Nearest Toaster Near You(From Parks and Rec’ to AHS)

Welcome to PROMOS(all caps), the new updated version of “Upcoming Stuff”(updated only in the fact that it’s called PROMOS because I though it was witty, get it because they show promos for the next episodes of television shows and this is telling you what’s coming soon.  Heh.)  So what reviews do you have to look forward to this coming week? 

PARKS AND RECREATIONS:  The 100th episode review will be posted at latest by Monday.  SPOILER ALERT:  I loved it, and it had Kristen(VERONICA MARS SINGS OPERAH) and Barry Zuckercorn, so it’s not really surprising.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY COVEN:  I’m like 75% done with the review I just need to spruce it up a bit and finish the closer.  So it’ll be up tomorrow. 

COMMUNITY:  Maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday.  I actually haven’t seen the episode yet, I only saw the last five minutes(SPOILERS:  RIP PIERCE).

Pretty Little Liars:  Yup folks!  I am actually going to hate watch Pretty Little Liars mid-season premiere.  Depending on how much I can tolerate hate watching PLL this week, this may be a regular feature.  My sister absolutely loved my first post(she’s a big fan of the books but HATES the show, I’ve only read the first book).
I’m sure there are other posts but these are the only definite posts in the next few days. I’m also doing a Dexter rewatch through Netflix, so I revisit the whole series in an upcoming post(much to my surprise this time around I loved Season 3, and wasn’t a big fan of Season Four I didn’t hate it but just okay, whereas it was the other way around the first time). So more posts are coming!


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