American Horror Story: Coven “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” Review/MAJOR SPOILERS


Don’t be a hater dear.

Despite this week’s extremely campy title, this weeks installment of Coven is the best one in a while.  This week’s episode introduces us to the Fiona/Marie’s dangerous duo, and what a dangerous one it is indeed.  This episode has raised the suspense level up ten notches by getting rid of one of it’s best and most Deus Ex Machina-y characters:  Misty Day(at least temporarily).  This episode did a great job of mixing humor with horror, and accomplished more than all nine episodes before it. 

The titular guest star actually does add to the episode, as Stevie helps elevate the tension between Madison and Misty, which is eventually the swamp witches undoing.  The two’s interaction was exceptional, and it made me wish we could have seen a bit more of the dynamic before Misty ended up six feet under(quite literally).  The visual of Madison knocking Misty into the coffin, and then doing the shawl twirl was hilarious, Emma Roberts just must return next season I demand it! 

We also get to learn more about Marie’s past, which reveals she’s no saint.  Her immortality is due to her deal with voodoo god Papa Legba, where she will sacrifice an innocent once a year(including but not limited to unfortunately babies), and Legba is collecting.  The flashback scene was great and Angela Basset doesn’t look a day over thirty.  This results in Marie kidnapping a baby from the hospital for her next deal, but luckily Nan intervenes leaving the baby alive and the not so innocent but close enough Nan dead(“Really she’s innocent, she killed the neighbor lady, but the bitch had it coming”). 

Lance Reddick gives a superb performance, and I can’t wait to see more of Papa Legba.  I have a feeling the baby may just be the next Supreme, notice Fiona’s symptoms have been worsening, secondly Ryan Murphy has stated that no one has guessed who the new Supreme is, and that the ending regarding the Supreme would be an ironic twist filled with dark humor.  It’d be incredibly ironic that Fiona saves the baby, to kill Nan because she’s a “potential supreme”, when the one she saved ended up being the one killing her.  Just a guess.  The Axeman also returns, and in a spectacular scene Fiona decides that she’s to kill all the witches(“Didn’t you hear?  I don’t have a soul, I’m going to kill ’em all”). 

Myrtle only appears in one scene but damn is it a good one.  Delia is throwing a fit after her mother tells her that she’s a waste, and Myrtle decides to cheer her up by playing Thermin(some sort of instrument used in Science Fiction moves according to an interview I read, could this be a hint to Season Four, that and the possibility of Santa Fe(desert) as setting hints at the possibility of a science fiction based Season Four)

The final scene with Fiona and Stevie Nicks playing “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You” was while incredibly powerful and well done, a bit strange. This being because this episode kind of did away with the whole Fiona is a sympathetic character with her killing Nan and planning on killing all of the witches. Still the scene was great and very moving.
Overall, this episode really got stuff up and running again. After a couple weak episode “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” really brought back the excitement that I had earlier in the season.


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